Powder - My 5 best tips (+ Results & Use)

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    What powder should I have? Why use powder? How to apply powder and which powder is best? Here you get everything about face powder incl. results! :)

    I'm a real nerd in this! :) It is not a must-have product for everyone but I use it on almost all my customers.

    What powder should I have

    1. Powder gives better durability!

    On all skin types: Powder fixes cream products such as foundation and concealer, which makes the makeup last longer. A setting powder quite simply. If you have a cream product that does not "set" automatically but continues to be creamy on the skin, it can settle in lines and wrinkles during the day, very common under the eyes e.g. It can also drop from the rest of the face, if you e.g. accesses by hand or has a jacket collar or scarf that accesses. But a powder makes the cream products sit in place!

    For combination / oily skin: To make the makeup last despite sebum production in the skin. Otherwise, the oil and make-up mix with each other and become like a greasy gag that either releases or slides around and can settle on the skin.

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    2. Gives a finer end result!

    Reduced shine for mixed / oily skin: The end result does not have to be completely dull just because you use powder, but the powder helps the skin to stay oil-free longer, which reduces the shine in e.g. T-zones. You get a "clean glow" rather is a greasy mess on the skin.

    For a matte finish: As I said, the end result does not have to be dull, but powder is the easiest way if you want a matte finish! Even on dry skin, then you can use very moisturizing products before and still get the matte end result you want.

    Which powder is best

    Directly after foundation. Without powder on the left side and with on the right side.

    Smoother results: Fine-grained powders give a blurring effect on the skin as they settle into irregularities such as pores and wrinkles. Do you have e.g. a very shiny concealer for dry skin under the eyes, the shine can emphasize the lines, a thin layer of fine-grained powder then gives a blurring effect without making the skin look so dry powdery. Also worth gold on large pores.

    powdered oil he

    An example where you see how the pores are more clearly visible before powder.

    3. How to apply powder?

    I prefer a brush that is soft without being for fluffy / airy. Soft and semi-compact I would say! Then the size is entirely a matter of taste.

    A more compact brush gives a finer application as the powder is buffered into the skin instead of just laying on the surface. If you have a scattered, rough and airy brush (I shudder with discomfort hahaha) then there is a greater risk that the powder just ends up on the surface, which gives a more powdery look rather than that velvet feeling you are looking for.

    Extra important if you use powder because you have a lot of sebum production in the skin, because the more you apply the more effective it is on the oiliness. With a soft and compact brush, you can apply a larger amount of powder but still get a great finish!

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    powder brushes

    In this picture you see Nanshy Powder Brush which is really great! I love too Nanshy Buffed Base if I am going to buffer on a lot of powder, it is smaller and even more compact.

    4. Which powder is best?

    Our best-selling powders are loose powders from Paese and a very common question is what is the difference between these two and which one to choose?

    Paese Bamboo Silk Powder is the product we sell most of all in the entire webshop because we have so many regular customers who use it. 26 reviews with 5/5 stars on average! What is so unique about this powder? The debilitating effect !! Of all the powders on the market that I have tested, this is the most absorbent.

    Paese Rice Powder has a thinner and softer formula and is more suitable as a fixing setting powder. If you compare Rice Powder with Bamboo Powder, you feel that the bamboo powder is drier while the rice powder is softer.

    What powder should I have

    In short, I recommend Paese Bamboo Silk Powder if you have sebum production in the skin, while Paese Rice Powder is for you with dry-normal skin type who want a setting powder and / or just a matte finish.

    5. End result with setting powder & glow

    Many people are afraid of powder because they think that the skin should look dry and powdery, but with the right application technique you will not get it! The skin becomes more silky / velvety matte.

    In addition, as I said, regardless of skin type / skin condition, you can get an end result with glow and luster even though you have used powder. For example. by spraying a face mist and / or swiping on a glow highlighter :)

    brush for loose powder

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    Here you see a basic makeup that was completely matte after the powder step, but after the mist Pixi Glow Mist as well as the highlighter Pixi Glow-Y-Powder so the skin has lots of glow! :)

    In other words: Exactly the same primer, concealer and foundation can either look completely matte or full of luster when you are done, what makes the difference is which products you use afterwards!

    Hope my powder post was helpful! If any questions arise, just comment below!

    Hugs are ♥

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