Wish make-up - Brown make-up with color click

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    Lovisa sa…
    "You do not do all the wish make-up !? Has sent in several identical ones, need it by Friday 18/10 !! A natural brown make-up with a little click of color! ”

    I think it's hard for you non-makeup bloggers to understand what time it takes, especially when I show step by step almost every time. Just for a make-up, I usually get between 90-120 pictures to go through and that is the easiest part.

    And I do other things during the day than just sit at home and blog as well, so there is quite a lot of planning behind all the posts.

    The wish form became so popular that I have over 100 wish make-up there right now (!) And it takes time to just go through all of these. I also have to have a variation in the blog, and since there are lots of "brown make-ups with a color click" in the blog already, it has not been prioritized.

    A tip for those of you who do not get an answer to your wishes, there is a search box in the blog you can write in that works great. You can also type in Google type "Helena Rönnblad brown make-up with color click"And then select"pictures”Then there are usually lots of results.

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    Here is at least a whole bunch of brown make-up with color clicks:


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