Halloween makeup devil step by step

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    "I'm going to shedevil on Halloween and would like makeup tips !! ;-) I want to look ELAK. (PS. I have glasses so the more makeup the better) ”

    Cool !! :)

    A bit ironic only when I have a "phobia" for the devil, haha. I can watch horror movies with ghosts and stuff, even The Unknown on TV, but as soon as someone even mentions demons and the devil, I get a little inner panic.

    In any case, here comes such a Halloween make-up devil (she devil) - red, black and very mean! Incidentally, quite simple and easy to make yourself. Only the horns are missing! :)

    halloween makeup devil

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    halloween makeup devil step by step

    1. Mark the shape with black eyeliner, Peggy Sage Pencil.
    2. Fill in the form with kajalpennan.
    3. Fix the eyeliner pen with black eye shadow, so that it lasts all evening, gloMinerals Sable.
    4. Red eyeliner (lip pencil) over the black form, Jemma Kidd.
    5. Fill in the brows with black eye shadow, make them long and narrow if you have a hard time making them look angry.
    Finish with mascara, Oriflame Wonder Lash Mascara.

    Red lipstick, Yves Rocher Grans Rouge 43. Incandescent Corail
    + black eye shadow at the edge of the lips.


    Hope you were happy with this halloween make-up devil! :)

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