Yves Rocher Exfoliating Shower Gel

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    Last year, Yves Rocher launched the shower series "Exfoliating Shower Gel" which then came in four different variants, and this summer the series received two more additions - the scents lemon & basil, and apple & star anise, and these two delicacies I got a press sample of this spring and thought to show you today :)

    The shower creams contain 100% natural scrub grains, which together give a very mild exfoliating effect and can therefore be used daily.


    Yves Rocher Exfoliating Shower Gel Lemon Basil* is the yellow shower gel and it smells, just like you hear in the name, lemon and basil. I think you feel it in the scent, sour and fresh. The scent is not a wow feeling to me, but I like it! The scrub grains in this are coconut and apricot kernel.

    Yves Rocher Exfoliating Shower Gel Apple Star Anise* has the same scent as the other Yves Rocher news I blogged before, love it! So light, sweet and fresh scent of apple and star anise, yummy :) The scrub grains in this are from apricot kernel and kiwi.

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    I really like these products, but the scrubbing effect is so mild that I would rather call the product just shower gel, because the scrubbing effect is barely felt. The large kiwi cores in the green are too large and too few to scrub with, you get about one core per decimeter on the body. And the small scrubs in both are so small and clumsy that they hardly make any difference at all.


    But the shower gel itself is incredibly nice! They are creamy and smooth, and smell both mild but incredibly good, and they foam just right. The skin feels super smooth afterwards!

    The shower gel is a limited edition, contains 200 ml and costs SEK 79.

    Summary - A wonderful, natural shower gel that feels super good for the skin and makes the whole bathroom smell good. But you who buy it for its peeling effect will be disappointed, but as a regular shower gel it gets two thumbs up, I love them!

    Great to give as a gift too :)


    Tip! As I have said for the third time now, I love the scent of apple and star anise that several of Yves Rocher's news smell. And therefore I have to tell you that you can also buy a mini-set with these products! Both the scent mist (read my post here), the shower gel (read my post here) and the shower peeling, for a total of SEK 159.

    Or a mini-set, maybe I should not call it, it is only the shower gel that is smaller (100 ml), the fragrance mist and the peeling are the same size as the original packaging. You can buy the set here* :)

    Hugs are ♥

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