Yves Rocher Pure Light Foundation

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    Now there have been many foundation posts in the last week, I hope you find it interesting!

    When I did the make-up in only one brand the other day, which was Yves Rocher, I took the opportunity to also photograph the basic make-up before and after!

    The foundation I used is called Pure Light. A very light foundation that is barely felt on the face, but still gives a good covering result and it is possible to apply more layers where you need more coverage. It smelled pretty much like perfume, which I like but not everyone does.

    I also like the sun powder! You get a very natural result because there are two shades in one. I dabbed the darkest in the temples and under the cheekbones, while I put the light in the forehead, the sides of the chin and the sides of the nose.

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    Unvarnished vs Foundation and sun powder.

    Yves Rocher Pure Light - Light & Luminos Foundation - Second Skin Effect. 159kr

    An ultra-light, airy foundation that helps the skin breathe and becomes like a second skin. The fresh, pleasant texture gives an unmade-up feeling but still perfect coverage with a really natural result. The skin is moisturized, revitalized and over time becomes smoother and softer. Contains rice extract, rich in vegetable inositol that stimulates the cells' breathability and gives the skin a new glow.

    Formula tested under the supervision of a dermatologist. Contains no animal substances. "


    With foundation.

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    + Powder for a matte result.
    The powder does not come from Yves Rocher, as I did not have one at home.

    Yves Rocher Duo Sun Pillows, 169kr.

    “Create and highlight with this blush a beautiful tan with a natural golden glow that suits you and your skin tone. The two complementary shades make it easy to adjust the color as your own tan deepens. The soft, pleasant formula is enriched with extracts from gardenia flower, known for its smoothing properties. ”

    And finally, foundation + sun powder.

    Two thumbs up I say!

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