Creative Make Up Loose Powder

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    For me who has very oily skin (a few hours after I put on my make-up, I'm as greasy as a pizza) so is one good loose powder the most important thing to keep a makeup look good!
    My favorite is Glo Minerals GlóPerfecting Powder, but it is quite expensive and not everyone can spend the money on just one powder.
    BUT, a good loose powder does not have to be terribly expensive to be good! Creative Make Up also sells another loose powder, which is not mineral powder but it works great!
    Available for SEK 129 here!
    Burken is very smart too, does not look great in the picture but only half the side consists of holes where the powder comes up. So there is a lid you can turn on to close again the holes!

    Hate other cans that after a day in the purse overflow when you open the lid. Then it is difficult to apply because so much comes at once, and you get half over it if you are not careful!

     Before powder.
    (After wearing makeup for a whole day)
    After pillows!

    Besides, I've been like that sloppy with the face wash lately. My face wash at Miska has run out, so then I always wash off the make-up in the shower with regular shampoo.

    I almost never wash my face in the morning anymore. And it's not every time I lubricate with face cream afterwards.

    No big deal for many to be so careless, but it is noticeable on my skin right away! Fluffy and picky, hehe.

    Sharpening on me!
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