Zuii Organic Foundation Swatch

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    I bought a new computer (a MAC!) And I'm really happy anyway! Even though it takes a while to break old habits when you have never had anything other than Windows computers, everything feels backwards haha.

    Anyway, it auto-corrects what I write which I mostly like as I always happen to skip and mix up letters. But it has a tendency to always change to Zoo when I write Zuii, so just thought to say that if I ever miss it, do not be confused, there is no Zoo Organic in the webshop, only Zuii Organic :)

    Now I was going to show you a good swatch picture Zuii Organic Powder Foundation, so that you get an overview of the different shades!


    Milk - Milky white shade, suitable for snow white.
    Ivory - Neutral, light ivory white shade, which fits perfectly with the light Nordic skin tone.
    Cream - Light shade with yellow undertone. Perfect for the light Nordic skin tone.
    Almond - Warm almond shade with yellow undertone. Medium light skin tone.
    Cashew - Warm, medium light shade.
    Macadamia - Cold shade with pink undertone. Medium light skin tone.
    Hazelnut - Medium light skin tone with yellow undertone. Excellent for light shadows on light skin and as a foundation for dark skin.
    Pecan - Warm shade, dark skin tone.
    Peanut - Warm shade, pink undertone. Dark skin tone.
    Earth - A beautiful, cold chocolate brown tone. Dark skin tone.

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    I am currently using the shade Ivory on my skin tone :)

    There is also sample bags to buy for those who are unsure! Costs SEK 15 but they are well stocked and good.

    Now I'm going to go and inspect my sister's car, wish me luck, so I do not have to take the bus home haha! Hugs are ♦

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. thank you for an inspiring blog! I peek in here every night. I just like you have really shiny skin and wonder how it works with this foundation? Have you had time to use it so you can review? Does it cost the same amount of shipping if you order a sample bag?

      • Hey! Sorry for the late reply, a lot now :) Yes it works great for shiny skin, read my latest post so you can read more about it! I have used this foundation for several months :) no shipping is only 19 kroner for sample bags :) Hugs!

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