Blondie on car test

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    Do you remember how I ended the last post? ”Now I'm going to go and inspect my sister's car, wish me luck, so I do not have to take the bus home haha!”’

    Guess what happened;)

    inspect the car

    The whole reason I inspected the car is because my sister hates that kind of thing, and since I borrow it so much, I showed up of course!

    But I can say that I am not much better at all… Just getting into the doorway was anxiety! I chose the wrong parking window and came from the side when I was about to turn into the narrow gate. Three old men staring at me "they'll scream well if I'm on my way to the door frameI thought and managed to jerk in a little jerkily and position myself correctly.

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    The inspector - "Here you come and hum in! Your exhaust system is leaking, but you already know that ”
    I - "Well, it's not my car, so I know nothing! ” * regret that I sound so windy *
    The inspector - "Yes, although it howls about the car when you drive "
    I - "Yes, but maybe it was because I happened to drive with the handbrake?

    After a lot of tests, he comes to me again with this note:

    "Yes, you young lady… The brake was fully loaded now so it will be the bus home for you".

    He seemed to understand that I am not a direct shark on cars, so he spoke very simple car language and was incredibly clear with all the details.

    "There is a driving ban now"
    "So you must not drive it from here"
    "If you drive it, you will lose your driving license !!"

    Better to be for clear as well, I agree with him;) Many important details such as "you must not tow cars with a rope if they do not have brakes"And"do not forget to lock the car" Lol.

    Do you understand what a walk of shame after this? Full of cars in the parking lot, everyone sees how to drive in and after 10 minutes comes out with the old man who puts a driving ban sign on the car, locks and starts to crawl from there in the direction of the buses.

    "Do not laugh at me!!!" I wanted to shout at them hahaha.

    Well, better that the brakes gave up now and not when you are out driving :) Now I will make some coffee and start putting on make-up! Hope you had a good start to the day ♥

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    1. Bye, but as I said, they better paja there and there was a driving ban than it had happened when you were out driving, a little luck in the bad luck anyway

    2. Oh what luck you had!
      Has worked as an inspector himself and seen most things.
      Like you said, good that they broke at the inspection and not when you had to brake!

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