Peach makeup

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    Today's make-up is done with Paese Opal Eyeshadow in the shade Melba - bright and super fine eye shadows that go in the peach direction.

    These Opal palettes are something between matte and shimmery, because they do not contain shimmer but give an enormously beautiful luster!

    The shade Melba immediately became one of my favorite shades, so summery and nice :)


    The pallets cost SEK 79

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    Fint va? :)

    I have the light yellow shadow in the corner of the eye and on the inside of the eyelid, pink eye shadow on the outside of the eyelid and the light brown along the lower lash line!

    The mascara is Paese Adore 3D Lash Mascara.

    IMG_1104_1_111 IMG_1109_111 IMG_1137_111

    The lipstick is two different nude colors, I have applied a slightly darker nude color to the entire lips and then dabbed a little light color in the middle! Both are Paese Lipstick with argan oil and I have used shades 17 and 35.

    The basic make-up is Zuii Organic - cc-primer (mint), powder foundation (ivory) and sparkle red (melon). Love it!

    What do you think? :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Must say it was an incredibly nice makeup. Do not understand how you get the eye shadows so blurred and nice. For me, it only becomes ugly sharp edges no matter how much I blur. Now my eyelids are a little wrinkled as I have reached the upper teens. Also want to make it look nice. The colors were really great on you.
      Regards Mona

      • Thank you, it's warm! Yes, it is mostly practice and good brushes that apply, a tip is to first apply eye shadow primer, then take a soft brush and a little transparent powder and gently brush along the crease line or where you want a nice transition between shadow and skin tone. Then the eyeshadow does not stick a little strongly there, and it becomes easier to get an even fade without sharp edges :) Hugs!

    2. Oh what a nice, fresh and summery look! What a cheap palette, I really wanted to buy it and do a similar make-up: D Saw that it is your own webshop that you sell it through! What fun, really nice design on the page, maybe place an order but I have a small question, do you know if the shadows are tested on animals? I know this is a very difficult and broad question, but do you know what I can google on if I would like to find out? As such, I can probably google it anyway, so the answer comes up, but I thought I would ask you first. Thank you in any case for your nice makeup look and love your smile in the last picture! Will definitely write about your awesome blog, think your new header with the quote "Don't hide behind your makeup, wear it with joy!" is such a heavenly good message! #spread love

      Hug Miss 22

    3. Hey!
      I'm a poor student who dyed my hair brown last summer, the crux is just that I now want to go back to my natural hair color - blonde.
      I have not dyed my hair in 2.5 months and 6 weeks ago I used colurb4 which is like a bleaching, but kinder to the hair.
      So now I'm pretty blonde down to the earlobes, the rest of my long hair is brown towards the darker side. Chaos in other words….
      I was about to book an appointment with the hairdresser until I found out that it would cost around SEK 2,500, which is a bit too much.
      I found your blog via googling brown to blonde at home and now I wonder if you have any tips? I read your post about how you went from brown to blonde, but what color did you use? Would be very happy if you could answer this! Have a nice day!!

      • Hey! oh that sounded awkward! it's always scary to tell if home bleaches for hair react so heavenly differently! but if the blonde shade at the top is nice, I would have bought a blonde color (blonde color is still fading, but does not bleach as many steps) and applied in the lengths, and had silver shampoo at home for safety. Then you may be able to bleach loops (stronger bleaching) after that if it is not bright enough. It is not certain that it will be good, but I would have done so :)

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