Red in the face? Use green face primer!

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    Being red in the face can be due to several different things, e.g. that the skin is so thin that the blood vessels shine through (even though you often do not see that it is a blood vessel, it only looks red) which can be both constant or only when you e.g. blushes.

    You can also be red due to rosacea, irritated skin or pimples.

    Whatever the reason, this is a problem when you have to put on make-up, because red not only shines easily through the skin but also shines through the make-up!

    In other words, it is difficult to get rid of the red by just covering over, you want to have as little makeup as possible and then it feels unnecessary with a thick layer on a skin that is really nice.

    But I have the answer for you! Nothing I have tested beats Zuii Organic Color Corrective Base in the shade mint, which is a green face primer!

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    Red in the face? Use green face primer!

    In this before and after picture, it looks like I have some kind of opaque makeup, but I do not. My skin tone is uneven mainly due to red areas, and when the green pigment in the face pimmer neutralizes this, you already look almost flawless!

    primer that neutralizes red

    This is available for purchase at Jordklok.

    How does a green face primer work?
    Green neutralizes red, and you who want to understand exactly why can read my previous post about complementary colors :)

    And this face primer is kind of like a day cream with mint green pigments, which is why it is so good against red areas. Unlike a green concealer, this does not turn completely green in areas that are not red, so you can have it all over your face even if you are not red everywhere.

    In other words, this primer can also be used for preventive purposes, e.g. if you easily blush in certain situations and the like!

    How to use it?
    You can easily vary if you want a lot or a little primer, so you can dab a little extra in certain areas where you want more pigment. Use after day cream but before basic make-up.

    Can you wear it despite oily skin?
    The primer is oil-based but contains such thin and fine oils that go into the skin directly. I who have incredibly oily skin do not notice at all that the primer would make it worse! It has no degrading properties, but can be used together with Paese Makeup Base Matte. In addition, this primer contains organic geranium oil which reduces the secretion of sebum :)

    Do you have to have foundation over?
    If you are frugal with the primer, you can use it completely without foundation over, but I use quite a lot (and by a lot I do not mean a thick layer, but more than a little) and then the skin tone gets a pretty cold tone, green only neutralizes remove red, it does not replace your natural skin tone. So then it is best to have a foundation in your skin color over too!

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    What ingredients does it contain?
    The primer is organic, vegan and contains 100% natural ingredients, including:

    Organic almond oil - Nourishes the skin and restores the natural luster
    Organic rose oil - Rich in vitamin C which i.a. reduces scarring and wrinkles
    Organic marigold oil Soothing and anti-inflammatory
    Organic aloe vera - Contains vitamins B1, B2 and B6, calcium and potassium and is known for moisturizing and soothing properties.
    Organic geranium oil - Reduces the secretion of sebum


    Here you see all three cc primers, available for purchase!

    primer red face

    The bottle is a smart and hygienic pump bottle with 30 ml primer. Available for purchase here.

    Red in the face? Use green face primer! before and after

    Difference huh? :) If you have done this good basic work with just one primer, you do not need much foundation at all then, which gives a natural and economical result!

    Get in touch if you have any questions ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey!
      Now I will come and comment here for a long time after, hope you see it :)
      You write that you can use zuii together with paese makeup base math, so stupid question, but in what order do you use the two? And do you then take both in the whole face? I have zero control as you can see :) But I have very red and shiny skin so I thought I would give these two products a chance, together with paese bamboo silk powder, what do you think about it?

      • Hey! Yep I see all the comments, have a peek;) I use Paese Makeup Base first, and then Zuii afterwards. If you still have a face primer all over your face, the green in areas where you are red is enough, if you e.g. is red only on part of the face. I absolutely think it's a good combo! Unfortunately, we have stopped selling Zuii Organic though. gloMinerals Redness Relief Powder is also a great tip if you have red skin!

    2. Hey! I also have very, very oily skin and therefore use a mattifying primer on my face daily. But I will soon be dancing prom and will then have more eye makeup for a whole sweaty day, a situation that I am not so used to because I do not usually have eye shadows everyday. My eyelids also get slightly oily, should I then have my usual primer on the eyelids first under concealer (which I usually have) and then on it my eye primer, or is it "bad" / unnecessary with two different primers on the eyelids? :)

      • Yes you can definitely have that! Just take a little of everything, so that it does not just become a big mix of everything. The eyeshadow primer is usually enough to keep the eyelids matte, but it does not hurt with dulling primer as well, it can make a positive difference depending on what eyeshadow primer you have :)

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