Sunday post - Annika's birth

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    When you have run a company together for 3 years, it's time for the next step, move together and have children haha!

    I always write about my work week on Sundays, but this week will be different because we have hardly worked at all - because on Tuesday at 10.02 Annika had a little daughter ♥

    So since I only worked small this week, I thought I would write about childbirth instead? The work done is minimally interesting. I myself love birth stories and many customers have heard from me and asked how everything has gone!

    Insemination in Denmark
    Annika is single and has inseminated herself in Denmark. So me and Miska who now live in a cottage on her plot were present throughout the birth and the bb period! It is legal for single people to inseminate themselves in Sweden even now, but it still does not look exactly the same so Annika still chose Denmark over Sweden.

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    Maternity drink
    Annika has had a great pregnancy and has felt good and trained all the time. Four days after the expected date, she swam in the swimming pool and felt so impatient that on the way home she bought ingredients for the famous "birth drink" that many use to start childbirth. And it worked!

    For first-time mothers, it is common for it to take a very long time from the time you start to get "menstrual cramps" until the baby is out. So she drank the drink at 20 in the evening and thought that if it works, she can sleep in the beginning and then she is alert and rested when the pains start properly in the morning after.

    That did not happen right;)

    Here she is with the magic drink haha!

    Hot tub and tanner
    We watched a movie and 2 hours later she said "I'm starting to feel a little menstrual pain now actually!" and we went to bed. Miska fell asleep for a while but both Annika and I became too eager. I only had time to sleep 50 minutes and Annika nothing when we then at. 3 at night all three sat together in the hot tub and the pains were going really well!

    When the pains escalated further, we went in and used a tens device (which she says is worth GOLD!). Miska and I had learned massage techniques and such at the maternity course "Food without fear" and kept us busy. You often hear dads say that it's hard because you just stand next to them and feel helpless, but me and Miska were so involved in the pain and Annika herself said that what we did helped a lot, so I never felt that feeling which was nice.

    Chest pain AT HOME and several miles to the hospital
    At 6 o'clock Annika started to feel the classic ring of fire burning and said that it really pushes down now. It was no longer ordinary pain but aches and pains! She took the pain so well and we were prepared for us to be home for a long time, so it was lucky that she felt so clearly that it was on its way out because otherwise we would have stayed home for several more hours.

    It felt completely surreal when I packed towels and rubbing alcohol in case there would be a car birth hahaha! The drive to the hospital is about 30 min.

    The trip in went well anyway, she has practiced relaxing in the car every time we went to work, with hypnobirth meditation in headphones that she now put on as well. So she was calm and we did not have to use the towels;)

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    Natural childbirth without anesthesia
    When we arrived, Annika was examined and was completely open (!) And rolled into the delivery room immediately. But even though she was completely open, the baby was not far enough down, so she was not allowed to shiver herself even though she had throbbing pains.

    She tested different standing positions and we continued with our massage techniques.

    Annika wanted as natural a birth as possible, no anesthesia (except tens), no nitrous oxide and no pain-stimulating drip or anything like that. Everything went as planned, except that we had to fuss a bit to avoid pain-stimulating drip when the head was on its way out, everything went so well and they always saw that the baby was well and then Annika did not want any excitement. The baby was almost out then. We had talked about this before so it was easy for me and Miska to take the talk so that Annika could focus entirely on her.

    At 10.02, three hours after we entered the birth, the little miracle was born ♥ She had amniotic fluid in her lungs and did not scream so they roughed her a lot (brutally a lot in our untrained eyes haha) and then she lay and growled on Annika's stomach ♥

    This picture was taken at 10.13 after I (!) Cut the umbilical cord and the baby could lie higher up :) Not because it is important to look good right then but you really see how awesome it is with permanent makeup!

    With the results in hand, everything went in principle as Annika had wished!

    We were not at all prepared for it to go so fast, but neither were we prepared for it to be so calm and undramatic once it was really underway. Despite the fact that we listened a lot to childbirth podcasts etc., you still have the "movie picture" in the head of a mother who screams hysterically and you have heard many birth stories that contained complications in different ways.

    Annika was obviously in pain during the pain, but says that she never thought about asking for anesthesia. But she can really recommend tens device to everyone! She bought a worse device at home and never used the one they have at birth.

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    The only problem was that the midwife was a bit harsh and that Annika sometimes became unsure if she was doing the right thing because she received unclear instructions. But we were never alone in the room, had a super cute midwifery student and assistant nurse who pepped on and Annika gave 9 out of 10 in grades afterwards!

    Two nights at bb
    Due to the fact that breastfeeding was tough (which was probably due to the water in the lungs) and that the baby had low oxygenation in the blood and suspected wheezing in the heart, we stayed on bb until Thursday afternoon because they took samples regularly and so we had to see a doctor from time to time . But then all the samples had normalized and we had to go home!

    I was also positively surprised at how taken care of we were on bb, they really put time on us and were incredibly careful and took the safe before the unsafe with exactly all the samples.

    Can you be this cute? Here she is in my arms the first time we tested clothes! Just before we went home :)

    She still does not have a definite name but we have written a list of suggestions and have some favorites.

    Annika has printed our logo on baby clothes, so cute !!! Even on some cloth diapers haha!

    Nestled in the car seat with the finest baby hat ♥

    We did not sleep at all during the birth night and then we only had two beds + that the staff came in and took samples every two hours even during the nights, so now that we have been home Friday-Sunday we have had a lot of sleep to catch up.

    The first pram walk in Annika's nice, white pram!

    As you know, I often use make-up and make-up brushes for other uses, painting, nailing, etc. This make-up brush from Pür Cosmetics works gallantly as a baby hair brush;)

    Looking for a new makeup artist
    It was not long since I wrote that we are looking for a makeup artist for a Saturday job, in connection with that we found an interesting person who would be Lisa's replacement because in May it's her turn to become a mother!

    But then there was nothing with that makeup artist, so this week we have posted a new ad that applies to at least 75% throughout the summer with a great opportunity for extension throughout Lisa's parental leave.

    If you know a makeup artist around Uppsala who would suit us, feel free to suggest that the person email me at :)

    What a corner week, a real adventure week! Now Miska and Annika and I will watch a movie with a baby in our arms and tomorrow Miska and I will return to routines again ♥

    Hugs are!

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