Facial Wash and Toner (Review & Tips)

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    There was no more blogging last night, because guess who managed to spill half the jar of nail polish remover on the keyboard over his laptop? Haha how do you really succeed? Turned it off very quickly and let it dry during the night, so that there would be no short circuit.

    Now it seems to work anyway, but the plastic on the keys has melted a bit and some are quite tough to press, but I'm happy as long as it can be used! :)

    In any case, here are reviews of Lumene's new face wash and toner in the series "Matt Touch".

    I have only used the products once and can not say anything about the long-lasting result, but both products should ultimately give a clean and matte complexion and are adapted for people with oily skin and acne.

    The products contain Arctic birch sugar, which normalizes the skin's bacterial balance - which helps to reduce the skin's shine and prevents new impurities or blackheads from appearing.

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    Lumene Matt Touch Deep-Cleansing Gel Wash, 99 kr.

    This is an oil-free gel-like cleanser that removes basic make-up very quickly and effectively! You rinse your face with water before and after. It smells fresh, is easy to use and what I like most is that it does not make the skin feel dry afterwards, which many cleansers can do. You felt that the skin became clean and fresh!

    Since I have only tested this once, the make-up removal effect feels most relevant to write about, and there it gets a thumbs up from me! However, I always recommend having a specific eye cleanser as well, so as not to have to wash with water for the same length of time.


    Lumene Matt Touch Pore-Tightening Toner, 99 kr.

    A toner that evens out the skin tone and has an astringent effect on the pores. After just one use, it is not possible to see either that, or that the skin would be more dull. Regular use is required to be able to see such results.

    But I like it, a very nice toner that feels refreshing on the skin and has a fresh scent!

    Hope my info was helpful! :)

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