3 tips with the Peach pen from glo!

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    This makeup tip only applies to you with light / medium skin tone.

    The eyeliner pens from glo Skin Beauty (which I sell in webshop) has, among other things, the shade Peach which is a creamy white shade that I use almost all the time!

    Now I thought I would show you three make-up tips with this pen that are super easy to make and that give great effect and the "little extra" for a more well-made make-up.

    glo Skin Beauy Precision Eye Pencil contains mineral pigments and is very supple on the skin, it is not too creamy nor too dry. It also has a small blur on the other end if you want to fade out sharp lines.

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    1. Light pencil around the lip contours
    I love to highlight the lip contour not only with the lip makeup but with the base all around! Just applying your foundation with a flat brush so that it is sharp around the lips makes a big difference, but for extra effect I use a light pencil which I then fade out.

    This makes the lip shape more pronounced and the contours look sharper. The fact that the pen is a little lighter than the skin tone also makes the lips look a little more fluffy.

    First I paint sharply around the lips, as you see above, and then I tone out as you see below:

    Either I tone with a brush or I gently erase with the pen. Both ways work.

    I do not have lip makeup in these pictures, but they are tattooed, so they are already quite sharp. This tip makes a huge difference on people more diffuse lip lines.

    2. Under the eyebrows
    The same thing can be done to get the brow shape sharper and well-shaped without having to paint harder / sharper with the brow makeup. Then I paint sharply with the pen on the underside of the brow (can be done on the top also if you want a sharper edge there) and then I fade out downwards.

    This is how it will be then:

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    Here too I want to add that the difference can be huge if you have a more diffuse shape from the beginning, my eyebrows are already quite defined :)

    3. Light up along the waterline
    What this pen is used for the most is to light up along the waterline. The whole eye gets a clearer and more "clean" look, especially if you are a little red-pink in the eyes. In addition, it opens up the eye.

    Either you can just lay right on the waterline like this:

    But you can also put the pen down a little on the lower lash line as well, like this:

    This gives an even more open view, and you can e.g. apply a little light brown shadow just below the light (I usually use my contouring shadow) and then do not put the mascara only into the lash root on the lower lashes but start a little further out on the straws - then you get a very enlarging effect on the eyes!

    Really happy with this one! Perfect formula to work for lots of uses. Sometimes I use it on pimples too.

    And you can see in the picture how well used it is, a little stump left only haha, but I have had it for as long as I can, it lasts a very long time!

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    Hope you liked the post and that the tips were helpful :)


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