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    I read this post on Egoina's blog yesterday, and feel that I have to write about this myself too :)

    I am completely for advertising on blogs (as long as it does not go to exaggeration of course) because we bloggers are actually like free newspapers, all info is completely free for you who read. But it is very important to always stand for their advertising, always be honest and also mark clearly when it is advertising. Surreptitious advertising is illegal and lying is immoral, it's that simple! :)

    I would Never lie about a product to make money! And the few paid posts I make are marked with "sponsored by…." but they are also honest.

    But there are blogs out there that are both illegal and immoral, and companies that do not care what. Surreptitious advertising with honest content does not do super big damage maybe, but if you are tricked into buying something that does not live up to its promise, it will cost you money!

    Egoina publishes an email conversation between her and a company, which was actually so pathetic that it became fun haha. I received a similar email just a month ago, I would get several thousand for a post but one of the criteria was not to write in the post that it was sponsored, and when I wrote back that it is illegal and that I do not agree regardless of the amount, I got the answer:

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    "It is very possible that what you say is correct, can not take a position on this as I do not work at the tax office"

    Haha that answer was just crazy :) The conversation was not even with the company that I would advertise for, but an intermediary who works to be the contact between companies and blogs. Disaster.

    My purpose with this post is simply that you should advertise with a pinch of salt on some blogs, do not be fooled! But you can trust me to 100% and I actually think most blogs can be trusted! :)


    And you who have been following me for a long time may remember my Revitalash incident with two other great bloggers a few years ago? I do not want to go into the details again, but in short, my before and after pictures with the fringe industry Revitalash were used to market a completely different brand! One blog wrote that he did not know about this but "got the pictures from the company". But the other blog knew the pictures were fake, because that person had even used the same picture with my eyes for a Revitalash post before. In other words, there were two posts from this person who marketed two different lash industries with exactly the same before and after pictures. Suck :)

    And I do not think that any of them had tested the fringe industry because then they would have had their own before and after pictures, and there were probably several who went and bought the fringe industry because they "saw how good it was".


    If you see these eyes somewhere, they are mine, and I have used Revitalash and nothing else :)

    Hope you can see the difference between good advertising and bad advertising, and that you have a wonderful Wednesday !! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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