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    Have a nice day today! Went to the lesson which was supposed to last until 12 o'clock, but finished last week so had to stop almost immediately.

    And the next lesson, psychology, starts at 12.40 and it's so much fun that I'd rather be there than sitting and nesting in the room!

    Here is today's makeup:

    Pink eye shadow on the eyelid, 88 palettes.
    Purple eye shadow along the eyeball line, 88 palettes.
    Wine red eye shadow over eyeball line purple, 88 palettes.
    Navy blue eye shadow on the lower lash line, 88 palettes.
    Gray-black eye shadow at the end of the lower lash line and at the far end of the eyeball line, 88 palettes.
    Black eyeliner on the inner and upper lash line, H&M.
    Glitter eyeliner in the corner of the eye, Viva la Diva.

    Full image without filled eyebrows.

    Full image with filled eyebrows.
    Eyebrow Pencil, H&M
    Lipstick, 66 lipstick palette.
    Now there is only one night left before the weekend begins, and after next week my long-awaited internship begins !!!
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