Answers about bad eyelash period

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    Hi Helena!
    When I read that you wrote that you were in a bad fringe period right now, I was almost a little… relieved? Because it's like this that I have kind of lost ALL my lashes right now, and the ones I have not lost have gone away so I have such terribly sparse lashes right now that I just want to lie down and cry. I get so damn bad self-confidence from this for my eyelashes, lixom has been my "thing" before, probably sounds really quirky but I have really nice lashes really! Please do you know what it is? I always used to love trying new mascaras but the other day I just wanted to cry as I can barely see my lashes anymore, pray to god that this is only a period but do you know what it is due to? : '(Kram <3 ″

    Yes that's right, I've had a bad eyelash period for quite some time now actually and am starting to get a little tired of them haha, but I notice that it's heading in the right direction so it feels good!

    There are many different reasons why you have such bad periods, and the most common is simply that the lashes naturally fall off and are replaced and even though it does not happen with all straws on the same day, for that reason there can sometimes be many who are away / short at once.

    It also has to do with health, such as poor sleep and / or stress. I always notice in my body that I am stressed before my head has understood it. Many people do not think that stress is not just about having a lot of things to do, internal stress over e.g. Privacy can give the same symptoms as when you have a long to-do list. Losing eyelashes and getting a lot of pimples is a classic sign for me when I feel inner stress!

    I've actually been getting an unusual number of questions about this lately, specifically people who are losing their lashes, could it have something to do with the season as well? People may be depressed that the summer is basically over hehe :)

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    Me and mascara from Paese.

    What can you do in a make-up way to save these bad-lash days? Here are some tips!

    Mascaras can be any good, but no matter how good they are, they unfortunately do not conjure more lashes - almost the opposite I think in this case, the longer they get the lashes, the more it seems that the others are missing, because it will be such great contrasts! Therefore, choose a mascara that separates well and makes sure that the few straws you have at least look good.

    Instead of painting the lashes full (which almost feels impossible these periods), you get to fake a fuller impression - and you do it with a lash marking, or lashliner as it is also called. In short, paint an eyeliner right on the scalp and not so much on the eyelid itself. The wider the eyeliner, the shorter your lashes look.


    Read my previous post about this here!

    Eye shadow
    You can of course bend the lashes, use length and volume mascaras and tinker a lot to overcome this problem, but the best and gentlest thing is to "hide the lashes" until they have recovered! During these periods, you can take the opportunity to do a little darker make-up :) Make-up quite dark on the top of the eyes, ie a darker eye shadow than your skin tone (for example brown if you have light skin, or a black if you have darker skin) therefore that the lashes are much more visible against a light background and then it will be more visible that you have worn lashes.

    Hope my answer was helpful! Hold on, your lashes will come back! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey!
      Jag har ett problem som vill få mig att gråta, mina ögonfransar har gått av!! Men det konstiga är att det är bara på ett ställe lite längre in imot tår kanalen på övre ögonfransarna, dom är som avklippta på mitten på samma ställen, lika mycke ungefär på båda ögonen elr vad man ska säga. Jag vet inte vad felet är, om det är min mascara (jan använder sky-high den icke vattentäta o telescopic, alltså inga vattenfasta), eller om det beror på min ögonfrans böjare, eller hur mycket jag böjer mina ögonfransar, jag använder fransförlängnings serum som heter lash sensa tional av maybelline o använder Garnier vleansing water, snälla någon hjälp mig, jag vet inte vad jag ska göra elr vad jag har gjort fel

    2. I also have a bad lash period. It has happened sometime before too but now it is worse and has lasted longer. At first I thought it was Lumene's mascara but wonder if it is because I dyed my lashes twice this summer (home dyeing). Think they were beaten by the hydrogen peroxide. Now I use eyelash serums and hope they grow back soon! Agree that you get silly sad about something so small and superficial ..;)

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