BaByliss Curl Secret - Review

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    You who also follow me on have already seen that I have just tested BaByliss new curling iron Curl Secret, which I mentioned before that I was really hungry for.

    You just put in a hair loop, which is then sucked in (!) And after a few seconds you have a nice screw cap.

    Now I thought I would give my review on it!


    My first thought was “My God, how scary it looks, what have I gotten myself into ?! Do I really dare to put my hair in this strange device?”. You absolutely do not need to feel that way, if you read properly how to use it first. I have seen several youtube clips of people who got bad curls, because they did not read how to do. If you know how it works, then it's rude! :)

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    The only important thing really is to have the curling iron turned in the right direction (there are clear pictures included) and not to take too much hair at a time.

    You can set the pliers at different temperatures and times. A big plus is that it tells when it is ready, so you do not have to think about it! 8, 10 or 12 seconds you can choose, if you want proper curls, you take 12 seconds on high heat (or if you have difficult to curl hair). If you mostly want puffy curls, you choose a lower temperature and a shorter time.

    I have very easily curled hair, so for me it worked well with 8 seconds and the lowest heat. Then it goes fast too!

    One thing that is easily misunderstood is that the lids are ready at the first beep, so it is not. The pliers beep a few times, but it is only when there are 4 fast beeps in a row that you are ready.

    A big plus is that the curling iron automatically spins in different directions when you change the hair loop. So not all curls end up in the same direction, so you get that more natural feeling when the curls live their own life a little.

    If you have a hard time understanding what I mean, look inside my video blog where I show and explain! :)

    IMG_2370_111 --- copy1


    The most curly hair! Fint va? :)

    You can hold further in if you want the curls to sit higher up, but since I would do a set hairstyle with a curly tassel, I chose to start a little further down so it is easier to get the hair nice in the middle of the head.

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    Curl Secret is available at lots of stores, such as Elgiganten and, and costs approximately SEK 1,300.

    Great Christmas gift tips or purchases before New Year's Eve! :)

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