Get good at makeup!

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    I got a funny question the other day which I for fun thought to answer in a post :)

    "Very nice!! Come and think of one thing, you who have taught yourself .. How often nowadays you start to do a make-up and it gets weirder and weirder the more you do so in the end you think "but wafan" and wash it off? Because it happens quite often when you yourself are not so good;) so it would just be fun to know if it happened to you, haha :) "

    Haha, that's probably a high recognition factor for many, including me! You think ”A little more of that color maybe…”  ”Oh how cool if I do this too!”  ”Hmm it was not as easy as I thought”  ”Hjäääälp!

    But with the risk of sounding like a besserwisser before you read the explanation, I can probably say that in principle Never happens to me, barely before either actually. That it goes so far that I wash it off then.

    And it's not because I'm good, or that I never make a mistake, or that an idea always gets good, but I think the whole reason I've become good and self-taught from the beginning is because I never give up ! I'm not just pedantic I'm stubborn too :)

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    I will definitely remove / redo some parts of a make-up sometimes to get it good, but I have as a principle to never stop until I am satisfied (relatively satisfied in any case) no matter what it looks like. Then it is different for all people how to define the word satisfied.

    By not starting over, but saving the situation instead, you will be better at both technology and problem solving! Being a good makeup artist is not just about doing nice make-up, it is also important to be able to rethink if the idea you had did not turn out as well in practice. And if we are talking makeup artist at a professional level, it is not at all uncommon to e.g. plates the same model in different make-up - then you have to know how to redo a make-up so that it becomes a completely different one :)

    The only time I can remember washing my face was the first time I tested a blue eyeshadow, I thought the shadow was nice but that I got so ugly that I could not keep looking in the mirror haha. Funny how that can change!


    My tip to all of you who want to be good, whether it's for your own sake or professionally - Do make-up that is outside your comfort zone, do weird color combinations, and how not to stop until it gets good!

    And a more concrete tip for practicing transitions and mixing different eye shadows, is to do colorful make-up with lots of different colors! :)


    If you can mix 10 colorful eye shadows with each other, an everyday make-up like this is a piece of cake :)

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


      • Yes, of course I do! Usually very fast, but I also have a private life and take a day off sometimes, even though it is very rare. Last Saturday I was in Stockholm and did not come home until quite late yesterday.

    1. But god what nice makeup !!! Love the pastel, colorful! How did you fix the pink lips so nicely? What products have you used? Have probably never seen such nice pink lips :)

    2. Great tips! Concealer or eye cream on a top is my best friend if I happen to make a mistake and need to correct some line. I personally find it harder to wash off and start over, especially if you have already laid the base, so I also drive on until I feel satisfied :)

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