BeconfiDent Teeth Whitening

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    Sometimes I hear from people that they only read my blog here on Imakeyousmile, and never the beauty tab on Modernmom.

    I really hope that not many people do that, you miss an incredible amount in such cases! I blog for Laila and Pernilla once a day, both make-up, step by step and tips, so even if you only find two posts here, you still have three posts to read if you go in there too :)


    Well, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first in a post I made on Modern Mom, in case anyone missed it. (or maybe dropped in here afterwards)

    What I'm talking about are the before and after pictures of my sister's teeth after using Beconfident teeth whitening! The result is crazy good :)

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    The blogger Egoina also uses this particular brand and writes that it is the best home brand she has tested - and she has also tested it at a real dentist and does not notice a difference in the result whether you do it at home or not. Read one of her posts here, and one more in more detail here.

    My sister sniffs every day, quite a lot too, which has discolored her teeth a lot. But after 10 days and only SEK 399, they looked so nice! (She has also used snus during treatment)


    I also recommended the teeth whitening to my best friend Frida, and the text message I received from her after only one use was "Helena that teeth whitening, I love, love, love it !!!

    I have also tested teeth whitening, but had quite white teeth before so I only whitened 3 times then I thought it was enough! The result lasted a long time even though I am a coffee drinker.

    If you snuff as much as your sister does, you should bleach again after a while, maybe after 2 months (it is very individual).

    I got a comment from a guy that this did not work at all, so I also want to clarify that the result of things like this is always individual. But everyone I know who has tested has got superb results, and the sister's pictures say more than 1000 words :)

    In the starter kit (available for purchase here) there are teeth whitening for about 10 treatments as well as braces that you shape according to your own teeth so that they fit perfectly.

    Any of you who have tested and have a review to share? :)

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