Black and white cashmere

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    I'm sitting here in the car and blogging, there will be full days in the new room now, help how long it takes to paint! And I, who is 100% untrained, have training pain in my ass from yesterday's painting for some reason? How do I paint you can ask yourself haha.

    Luckily, there are three of us who paint, me, Miska and please Frida who helps as well. And today I will feel so shitty towards them because I will take customers to the regular salon as well, so they have to work themselves a lot haha. There will be a lot of running back and forth :)

    Anyway, I've fixed a cool make-up for you anyway! Got the urge for a gray-black when I did the sweeping with IsaDora's new palette the other day, so it became a make-up in white, gray and black now that I hope you like as much as I do!


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    Lipstick, Benecos Natural Lipstick (Peach)
    Foundation - Pixi H2O Skintint (Nude)
    Concealer - Pixi Correction Concentrate


    All eye shadows are Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow, so I just print the number of shades in the description :)

    1. Mark the shape with black eye shadow (602)
    2. White eye shadow in the middle of the eyelid and in the corner of the eye (601)
    3. Dark gray eye shadow inner and outer part of the eyelid (606)
    4. Light gray eye shadow on the sides of the white shadow (677)
    5. Fade out the shadows so that there are smooth transitions between the tones
    6. Black eye shadow smoked along the globe line
    7. Apply it light gray shade in the globe line as well and soot the black and gray shade more.
    8. Black eyeliner along the upper lash line and as a stronger marking on the inner part of the eyelid, Palina Perfect Liner Black
    White eye shadow in the outer corner of the eye.
    9. Black mascara on all lashes, Paese Adore 3D Lash Mascara.




    Hope you liked the look ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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