Blue party makeup

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Hi on are fine nine!

Now I'm completely ready and working a little at the last second while Frida is playing around among my make-up boxes :) I'm in a bit of a hurry because we'll be leaving very soon, there will be dinner and an exit in Uppsala tonight!

But I thought I had to show you what I look like before we go, so you do not die of curiosity;) It was metal blue tights instead of black, so I decided on a blue and silver make-up and silver jewelry for it. And super curly hair that my kind sister Mia has helped me with :)


What do you think? :)

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Do not have time to write product list :( But the eye shadows are from Paese all of them!

IMG_6034_111  IMG_6047_111

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday too! ♥

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Helena Amiley
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