Book bridal makeup with me?

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    “How nice !! I was going to get married .. Uhh… Any day? In the future…? Hopefully .. Can I hire you to fix my makeup then? ^^ ”

    Haha :) I was going to respond to your comment in a post when the bridal makeup requests hail in!

    Before, I have always said yes to bridal make-up, and have gone to both Stockholm and Uppsala for such jobs. But the bridal bookings I get for next year, I unfortunately have to say no to. It should ev. be if it is at short notice and the person in question can come to the salon :)

    I do not work as regular makeup artists who know their schedule on time, and basically only work with receiving bookings. A lot is happening now and in addition to the new store, we have even more plans underway, which will take up a lot of my time. I simply have no idea what my calendar will look like in a year - anything can happen!

    It probably won't make much difference before next summer, but think again, and then I have lots of make-up that I have to cancel, very sad. Then you will look like this instead:

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    Lol ;)
    (Hair - Monica Werner / Photographer - Niklas Lundengård)

    But this applies to bookings with me personally, we will have makeup artists at Creative Makeup By Her who can take bookings later :) We are still in the middle of the start-up so do not know how they will want to work with travel and so if desired, but such details, we will steer and decide as soon as possible.

    Not so fun post for you who are not going to get married, but important info to get out to you who are going, because you are a lot I have noticed ♥

    Now Miska and I are going to the store and screw together furniture :) Have done a nice 50's make-up for you that you will get them later as soon as I get a hatch.


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    Helena Amiley
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