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    Now Amir works at Creative Makeup By Her with permanent makeup full time!

    I have mentioned before that Annika starts with apprentices, but Amir is not an apprentice as he has actually worked with permanent makeup longer than Annika, for a full 12 years he has tattooed, including in Dubai (Annika celebrates 10 years in the industry in 2016). Amir has been hand-picked by Annika and is as meticulous and meticulous as her, and an incredibly skilled permanent makeup artist.


    Amir has tattooed at the salon and learned Annika's ideals, techniques and colors, and now, as I said, he finally works here full time :) You can book eyeliner, lips and filling in previous customers (including eyebrows) she Amir, and he also makes return visits to Annika's customers. The waiting times will now be significantly shorter.

    Book online at!

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    About Amir:

    “Permanent makeup came into my life at an early age when my uncle Maxim is one of the Middle East's biggest and most experienced permanent makeup artists. I learned from him and started working with permanent makeup in Syria in 2004, and have also worked in Lebanon. In 2010 I moved to Dubai where I started working with people with different nationalities and backgrounds, which has refined, sharpened and deepened my tattoo technique. The tattoo machine is my best friend and has become a part of my fingers.

    In the summer of 2014 I moved to Sweden, I know very little Swedish but am very good at English, and of course also Arabic which is my mother tongue. I met Annika when I had been in Sweden for a year, and was very inspired, she is so talented, artistic and a very professional tattoo artist and I immediately became interested in working with her and changing experiences. Having done hundreds of tattoos on people of different ages, colors and faces, I can promise you the best of the best. Permanent makeup that is tailored to your face and your desires, and you will be part of the process only from consultation to determining the shape, size and color.

    Having worked in different parts of the world, I see big differences in taste, approach and philosophy when it comes to permanent makeup, and therefore we can now at Creative Makeup By Her offer the best blend of simple European elegance and the ancient authenticity from The Middle East! ”

    Just shout if you have any questions! ♥

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