Brown party makeup

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Here comes a real party make-up, which without being too much still really attracts attention! (You would have seen all the looks I got in the dining room, haha)
It is also a more extreme variant of the v-shape I wrote about on my last two make-ups.
This is a great party look that truly attracts attention. The sharp edges in the outer-V really lifts up eyeThe eyeshadows I have used are from Glo Minerals and the products are linked below. 
Dark brown eye shadow sharp at the end of the lower lash line, straight up towards the globe line and along the globe line, Glo Minerals gloEyeshadow, Kona.
Brown eye shadow also v-shaped but under the dark brown on the eyelid, Glo Minerals Eyeshadow trio Copper Sheen.
Golden brown eye shadow in the middle of the eyelid, Glo Minerals Eyeshadow trio Copper Sheen.
Gulvit eye shadow on the inside of the eyelid, on the lower lash line and under the brow, Kryolan Eyedust Nr. 1. (Annika's favorite shadow)
Gold glitter around the sharp dark brown Kryolan Glitter Eyedust, Nr. S1.
Brow shadow, Glo Minerals glo browpowder duo, Taupe.
Dark brown eyeliner on the inner lash line, Glo MineralsPrecision Brow Pencil, Brunette.
Black mascara on all lashes, djv beautenizer Fiberwig LX Mascara.
Solid mineral powder foundation, the best base I have tested!
Glo Minerals, gloPressed Base.
Lip Liner:
Love this lip pencil, sits well and long without being too dry.
Nivea Stay On Lip Liner 07 Fuchsia.
(Can't find it on the Internet, but think it should be on Kicks)
Easy-to-apply blush that lies down nicely immediately and lasts a long time.
Today I chose one of the more discreet shades.

So yes, today's makeup came a little earlier today than yesterday hehe.

As you saw at the beginning of the post, I intend to start writing a bit about the make-up on English also, a little fun I think! What do you think?

We'll see if I can just keep going, my English is not top class, but practice gives skill;)

Have a good day everyone!
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