Christmas Gift Tips - Makeup Mirror

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    I blogged about my makeup mirror from when I got it as a Christmas present from my mother (the happiest girl !!!) and still get a lot of questions about it, not least now that Christmas presents are common :)

    It was Christmas 2012 I got it, so 4 years ago (!) And most people who ask ask if it still works. The answer is yes! I am still completely in love with my wonderful mirror! It does not have a high ppa (price per use) I can tell. Used for several hours every day and we also have 4 of the larger make-up mirrors in the make-up studio at the salon.

    ♥ Perfect make-up light without shadows
    ♥ Great light to take photos in
    ♥ Lamps with dimmer so you can adjust the brightness
    ♥ LED lights & LED dimmer included
    ♥ Can both stand on a table or hang on the wall
    ♥ Available in several colors and patterns
    ♥ Available in several sizes, formats and even a full body mirror


    Some things have changed since then, so there is some info that is not correct if you read my old posts:

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    1. The price has changed a bit from time to time so there are different prices in all posts, but now better stuff is included + that they have free shipping! Now they cost 2520: - but have an introductory discount and reduced to 2160: - (not sure what it means, that the first one you buy is cheaper?). 4 years ago it cost 1500 SEK and 2 years ago 1800 SEK.

    2. When my mother bought it, lamps were not included at all, I think, they were bought on the side of which the price increased. Then halogen lamps began to be included in the price, but I have always recommended buying LED lamps, although it will be quite expensive for so many. The light gets a little nicer and above all the halogen lamps get so heavenly warm. It's a little nice when you are frozen in the morning, but for a long time it was a bit of a sauna feeling and I have both burned myself and melted the eyeliner due to halogen lamps. BUT NOW specially made LED lamps and LED dimmers are included when you buy the mirror so you don't have to think about that anymore :)

    3. Now the mirrors are available in several colors, sizes and patterns !! I think they were only in black and white when I got mine, and the full body mirror was not there either and I'm not sure if even the big mirrors were there. Now they also have a dressing table with a drawer that you can easily put up on the wall under the mirror, easily.

    4. Now also has an international site called where they also send to other countries.


    It's really fun with companies that are developing and that you have been involved almost since the start, I would sooo like to have a full body mirror at home! How nice :)

    Something I wish for as another novelty is a nice bathroom cabinet with lamps like this, understand how nice the bathroom is!

    You will find the entire range of make-up mirrors here and if you have any more thoughts, just shout ♥

    Also read: Make-up mirror & dressing table for the perfect make-up place


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