Helena reviews - Comfort Zone Essential Micellar Water

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    I'm so alert and excited today so I can barely type because my fingers kind of run across the keyboard haha. I have had a little extra long cozy morning before work = starts the working day extra alert and yesterday I took a new header picture, which I still do not know if it turned out well or not but I am so eager to go through all the pictures now!

    My plan has always been that as soon as the new webshop is published, I will put my teeth into the blog design so that it feels new and fresh as well, it will be so fun :)

    But before I cave in front of photoshop, I just HAVE to show you a new micellar water that I have tested! Comfort Zone Essential Micellar Water which is a novelty from the Italian skin care brand Comfort Zone. I got a press sample of it after a press event at Kraft in Stockholm last autumn.


    What is micellar water?
    I usually describe micellar water as an extra cleansing toner, it contains small charged particles that act as a magnet over the skin and encapsulate impurities which are then easily swept away with the cotton pad.

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    I love micellar water and have used Paese Micellar Solution * very long, I use it as an extra cleanser / toner after my usual makeup remover & cleanser and sometimes as a multi-product in the morning if I am in a hurry - cleansing, toner and moisture in the same product. But I always recommend cleaning with both cleanser and micellar water even in the morning :)

    I have never before found a micellar water that I think is as good as the one from Paese, but now I have another treat in my bathroom cabinet and it is also GREAT as a makeup remover!


    New from Comfort Zone!
    Comfort Zone Essential Micellar Water is a novelty from the Italian skin care brand Comfort Zone.

    Product description:
    “Multi-active water that easily cleanses the face, eyes and lips. Fresh, light and extremely gentle, it removes makeup, cleans the pores and cleans without the need to rinse it off. It is reminiscent of a toner but works as a makeup remover. The perfect 3-1 product for those who want it to go fast and want to remove makeup in under a minute. The mild detergents in this liquid solution form micromicels which encapsulate the impurities and which are then removed with cotton.

    Contains Betaine
    The micellar water contains Betaine which preserves the skin's moisture. Betaine is a natural osmolyte extracted from sugar beet. It is found in the skin and maintains the cell's fluid balance, retains moisture and vitality even in harsh climates (extreme temperatures, air pollution and sun). Makes cleansing gentle and respects the skin's balance. ”

    A simple, stylish bottle that is very practical. A lot of water comes out of the opening even though it is a fairly small hole. Contains 200 ml.


    Dampen a cotton swab and wipe over the face. You do not need to rub because the water acts as a magnet on impurities. No need to wash off. Super easy!

    As a makeup remover
    Gaaaaalet good for removing makeup! Both for eyes and face, even waterproof makeup. You know the dark one is pretty cool the make-up I did this the other day, I washed it off with this micellar water and it was like the eye makeup just melted away. And so nice with a remover that works for both eyes and face!

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    As a toner / extra cleanser
    Works gallantly like this too, you see on the cotton that it pulls out dirt (especially in the morning) and the skin feels clean and comfortable afterwards, neither dry nor sticky.

    As sole cleaning
    I like to remove makeup before washing with regular cleaning, but do not like to use micellar water solely then I want to wash properly with cleaning and hot water as well. For me, it would take an unnecessary amount of micellar water to make the face feel 100% cleansed. I always recommend using micellar water together with a cleaning as cleaning is so very important in today's society - you do not live directly in a clean air / world.

    In other words, you have a little makeup like that can you use this micellar water as both makeup remover, cleanser and toner, but for a stronger make-up it is not so economical and it is probably still nothing that I would recommend.



    295: - on hudoteket.se and they have free shipping. The 300-lap for 200 ml is affordable if you use the water sparingly, you do not need much to get rid of the makeup when you deep clean with a regular cleaning afterwards. And as a toner, you really do not need much. If, on the other hand, you use it as a makeup remover + cleanser + toner morning and evening, have a lot of water on the cotton and have a lot of makeup on, well then it probably will not last very long and suddenly get a very high ppa (price per use).


    There is absolutely nothing to complain about! So good! I personally use it as a cruel makeup remover and finish with an equally good + slightly cheaper micellar water as toner then. Really super happy!

    As I said, available for purchase for SEK 295 here.


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