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    Now I have tested Foreo Luna Play. I have almost become obsessed with cleansing brushes since I started with Pulsaderm, the feeling of being so clean, so smooth, and getting so much more glow in the skin, it's wonderful simply!

    Foreo Luna play review

    What is a cleaning brush?
    A cleansing brush cleans much more effectively and thanks to the "massage peeling" the skin absorbs more of the moisturizer you apply afterwards. So in addition to a completely clean skin without dry skin, dead skin cells, dirt and sebum, the blood circulation is also started and the skin becomes enormously soft thanks to your skin care products also becoming more effective.

    That's why I became extra curious when I got a home test on Foreo Luna Play (link), a very different cleaning brush for the face:

    Cleaning brush - Foreo Luna Play

    Sweet huh? :) Available in more color, I have orange-yellow, pink and purple.

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    The Foreo brand
    Foreo is a very fun brand I think! These cleaning brushes are the first products I test from the brand, but they also have silicone toothbrushes, tongue scraper, eye massage device, and more cleaning brushes both large and medium-sized. And it is actually a Swedish brand based in Stockholm!

    What is Foreo Luna Play?
    Foreo Luna Play is their smallest and cheapest cleaning brush, although it is not directly a brush but a "silicone ball" with soft spikes on. In the picture below you see what the brush looks like from different angles. Like a flattened ball with soft silicone spikes :)

    It is 100% waterproof and cleanses the skin thanks to the spikes and the vibrating movements. It has no socket for charging, so when the battery is exhausted you can no longer use it but have to buy a new one. The battery is sufficient for up to 100 cleanings.

    The size is very travel-friendly too, like a macaron.

    Cleaning brush - Foreo Luna Play

    Rinse your face in warm water
    2. Apply your cleanser directly on the skin
    Turn on the cleansing brush and massage the cleanser into the face for about 1 minute. The large spikes are for the T-zone, and the small ones are for areas with thinner skin such as cheeks and jawbones.
    4. Rinse your face and end your skincare routine as usual.

    My personal review
    I have some divided opinions about the brush:

    1. Since I'm used to a cleaning brush that is much, much more effective, I have a bit of a hard time understanding the thing with this one. You can barely feel the soft spikes on the skin, but it just feels like having a vibrating ball in your face. Where the skin is thinnest, it feels like it cleans completely okay if you massage it properly with the skin, but that's a bit what you should avoid with a cleansing brush, I think.

    2. For people with very sensitive skin, it is probably not completely shameful though, it starts the blood circulation and is probably better than no cleansing brush at all.

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    3. Feels more hygienic with silicone, if you take care of a brush well, it is not unhygienic either, but these are a little easier to keep clean.

    4. For the price of 299: - it is not so crazy either, their large cleaning brush (which is rechargeable, has two cleaning modes and anti age function) it costs 1795: - so there is a real price difference. This is a cheap mini-variant and then you might not expect the world's most advanced cleaning brush.

    5. Fun present! You should probably quickly say what it is, however, because when you turn on the vibration, you can quickly suspect that it is something completely different than a cleaning brush;)

    Must also give a plus for the look, so cute! Had absolutely nothing against having their large cleaning brush stand neatly on the bathtub edge.

    Summary - I can recommend these small cleansing brushes to people with really sensitive skin, or people who want to massage (with vibration) their cleansing into the skin. But for an exfoliating effect, I do not think it measures up.

    I personally will continue with my really effective cleansing brush from Pulsaderm, their Buddy brush is also small and travel-friendly, because this one from Foreo gave me far from the same clean feeling and results on the face. But I have become very curious about the brand's other products and think that their large, more advanced cleaning brushes are much more effective if you want a good result!

    Cleaning brush - Foreo Luna Play

    You will find all Foreo's products at, everything from toothbrushes and tongue scrapers to eye massage and cleaning brushes. All in the same silicone piece as Foreo Luna Play :)

    Can also recommend my review of skin care and body care from Indy Beauty. click here to get to the post.

    Hugs are! ♥

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