Cold makeup

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    Sometimes you do make-up that is really a jumble of different things, you tinker a bit with a product first and then you want to change a bit by putting a product on the product, etc. and then you have laced up a make-up without having a proper idea of what you have actually used, it is a mixture of most things :)

    And that type of make-up is really fun to do, you take product for product and test yourself and the end result is often very good! But for me it is a small problem, because now when I have to print out which products I have used, I really have zero control haha.


    And it's just such a make - up that I show you today, I did it to test No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define which are shimmery pencils that work both as eye shadow or as eyeliner. But then I read at the last second that you should not apply them where the skin folds, so they do not fix themselves so well so you should not have them on the entire eyelid. And that's why it became a little more playful make-up to test the pen a little here and there in different shades :)

    Although I think it was a very durable result with the pen anyway, although I have applied it to a fairly large area at the outer edge of the eyelid, the blue. It did not wake up at all during the day!

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    Some parts of the brown shading are a brow shadow and some are the pen from No7, and the lipstick is a mixture of three different colors that I do not really remember either. But it turned out to be a nice, shimmery compote in the end and I hope it's okay that you get to see it as inspiration today and not so much product info? :)


    Prints what I know and remember in any case:

    The white eye shadow is Paese Diamond Eyeshadow in shade 7.
    And the pens from No7 are available for purchase here! And it's the blue on the outside of the eyelid and the brown on the underside, if I remember correctly. They shimmer very nicely in any case :)

    IMG_6913_111 IMG_6920_111

    Just comment if you have any questions, then I will try to answer ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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