Color blonde outgrowth at home

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    I have written a few times about how I left brunette to blonde, by just coloring your hair at home. Now I thought I would describe in great detail how I do to dye blonde growth at home!

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    It's more cumbersome than you think if you have it brittle hair which I have, and do not want to wear on it unnecessarily.

    Color blonde outgrowth at home

    Is basically blonde, but without the sun fading, it is very dark rat.
    I dye my hair with blonde hair color, not bleaching.
    The difference is that bleaching brightens the hair a maximum of 7 shades, while a color cream only brightens 2-4. Bleaching is thus much, much stronger and that is what wears so much on the hair.
    1. Hair color only on the scalp for 35 minutes.
    2. Hair color in the rest of the hair for 10 minutes.
    3. Silver Shampoo (Lóreal) immediately after staining.
    Silver shampoo removes yellow shades that easily occur when you lighten your hair, especially if you do not use bleach.
    Sometimes, despite silver shampoo, there are still yellow tones where the growth has previously been. Then I usually have silver shampoo only on the scalp the next day! And sometimes it takes several times.
     Silver shampoo can leave one blue membrane which gives the hair a green / gray shade. However, this disappears the next time you shower!
    4. Silver wrap throughout the hair (Maria Nila)
    Hair color wears on the hair, and silver shampoo is drying. A hair wrap is therefore really recommended, and I have chosen one that also has a little silver effect to remove yellow tones.
    To think of:
    * If the hair turns yellow, do not panic !!! Many people think "oh no my hair is yellow, it's ruined, what should I do!?! ” and desperately dye their hair brown even though they did not really want it from the beginning. Which often results in them wanting to get blonde again quickly - and once again begin the tedious bleaching process.
    * If you do not usually dye your hair at home and know how your hair reacts, then dye one day when you have nothing specially planned for the day / days afterwards. So that you have time to correct the error if it goes wrong.
    * Be prepared with silver shampoo at home, it does the trick!
    Many steps, and of course it takes longer than if you go to the hairdresser directly. But much, much cheaper and also not too tiring for the hair!
    Thought to add a replica, but had some camera / light problems today. Although I post whole pictures every day so it comes! :)
    If you liked my post about coloring blonde outgrowth at home, then I can suggest reading my post about coloring blonde hair at home.
    Ask if you have any questions!
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