Color bright eyebrows

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    I have not put on make-up for several days now, and it has been very nice, I must admit, but now I am starting to get real abstinence, I feel! So I'll stuff myself with some lunch now and then get loose in front of the makeup mirror.

    Because I, who will not take any holidays at all this year, try to have a little calmer days now during the summer anyway, so it will be a little faster post instead. I hope you do not find it boring, but I know you do not sit at the computer as much so you may not even notice it? Tell me in such cases :)

    But before I start with today's make - up, I have to show you an eyebrow customer that I just had here, took before and after pictures:


    The top picture is a model, the middle picture is the result after picking and coloring, and the bottom picture is after a little filling with Beneco's eyebrow pencil ”Eyebrow Designer Blonde”. It is out of stock but will come next week, Benecos has a holiday.

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    Nice result huh? Still bright and natural, but much more shapely. I love to fix blonde eyebrows, because even though you pick and cut a lot, it always ends with the eyebrows looking fuller and denser, so fun :) It looks like you have put straw there instead!

    Now I'm going to run home to my mother, Miska is there and just texted ”lunch is ready at half past one”. I'm so spoiled :)

    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey! I am red-blonde and my eyebrows are almost pigment-free. Have colored a couple of times with Depends brown which I thought was too dark in the beginning but which has gotten a little better now that the tube has been open for a while and the color does not take as well. However, I would really like a warmer shade that matches my hair better. What would you recommend? I have noticed that Refectocil has a number of brown shades, but it is difficult to know what color it will be if you do not let it sit for that long.

    2. Hi, you are great and good looking, thanks for a great blog!
      I wonder if you ever do pinup makeup and if so if you would give some tips on what to think about :)

    3. fine! :) do you have any tips on what eyebrow color to buy to dye at home, I think everyone gets so dark almost black and sticks to the skin (I have very light and sparse eyebrows) so it looks like no further when I go on that with coloring;)

      • Whether they stick to the skin or not depends a lot on what kind of skin you have as well, on some the color can adhere super much to the skin while the same color on another does not adhere at all. I use either Depend's tan black brow color, or Refectocil in the shade natural brown, the difference if I want to make the color lighter is simply to remove it faster before the effect time ends. It is easier to add another turn if needed. Be sure to put the color in a nice shape as well, then it does not do as much if it sticks to the skin. Worse if you just messed up :)

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