Colors that neutralize each other

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    Anonymous sa…
    Hey! I have a question for you, because you know a lot about makeup, I wonder what colors neutralize each other and how yes can cover red cheeks when you are ashamed? Thanks :)

    Absolutely! I have been thinking of writing a post about this for a long time but it has never happened :) It's a bit too complicated to reply in a comment.

    Note! Has made a more detailed post about complementary colors which I have to recommend! click here to get to the post.

    The three basic colors RED, blue and and yellow always becomes brown if you mix them.

    If you then want to neutralize one of these colors, then you have to add the other two.

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    So, if you want to neutralize a red tone - add blue and yellow.
    Blue + Yellow = Green.
    But in other words, you neutralize RED (red areas and pimples) with the color Green!

    The same goes with the other colors, if you have a blue tone under your eyes, add red and yellow.
    Red + Yellow = Orange.
    In other words, you cover yours blue rings under the eyes with a orange tons! :)


    You can do a little simplified say that if you add the complementary colors (colors opposite each other in the color circle) on each other and they are neutralized!

    Complementary colors on each other - Neutralized.
    Complementary colors beside each other - Reinforced.



    colors that neutralize each otherThe only problem with the color wheel is that it can look a little different depending on who made it. According to some, for example, yellow is a complementary color to blue (which I learned in school) but on some color circles it is orange. Yellow is then instead a complement to purple. While I have learned that the complementary color to purple is lime green. But at least only small nuances differ :)


    I therefore suggest that you, yes really first and foremost try to train yourself not to be ashamed because it is never useful;)

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    But you can also buy one green concealer. If you are going to cover larger areas, I would recommend a powder concealer for a more natural result. I like Lily Lolo's green concealer!

    Hope you became wiser on colors that neutralize each other. Feel free to read my more detailed post about complementary colors. click here to get to the post.

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