Loved the foundation

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Today the phone rang, it was a customer from the webshop who got in touch. She was a sister / maid at a bridal make-up I did this summer and then fell in love with YAG Mineral which I used on her, and bought basic make-up for herself right away :)

The customer - There has been a small accident… ..
I - ??
The customer - I bought a new foundation from you, and my boyfriend happened to throw the envelope with the foundation in it!
I - Oh how boring!
The customer - And I'm going on a very important journey tomorrow and need it! Are you home all day? Can I buy a new one that my boyfriend will pick up from you after work?

It went very well of course, but the thing is that they live in Tumba which is 140 km from Gimo! But what do you not do for your beloved foundation :)

Cute guy too who goes all the way! "You have to stand your ground when you throw her stuff"  he said when he came haha :)


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Here it is, the addictive foundation jar :) Costs SEK 199 and is available for purchase!

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Helena Amiley
I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


  1. They have no compact foundation or whatever it's called? Think it's easier to put on make - up. Have you tried any good powder that is like veil but compact for oily areas? Hug

    • No, not now, unfortunately, but they are actually on the go in the autumn / winter with other shapes on their foundation, there was talk of mousse shape but I can suggest a solid powder shape even when they are still trying new! :) Yes I use a solid powder that dulls the face, it is from Paese and will come to my webshop in the near future. I will test a little more from their basic makeup first only then I will take home a lot of basic makeup from them! Hug

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