Oily makeup for oily skin

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    Last year I made a blog post that was very much appreciated, and therefore I now decided to make a favorite in replay and take new pictures of this :)

    In this post I have made up half of my face with make-up that is adapted for dry skin (so not bad make-up, but not degrading either) and on the other half I have used mattifying make-up for oily skin.

    And after just a few hours, the difference in the face halves was brutal!


    The products for oily skin that I have used are mainly:
    Face primer - Paese Makeup Base Matte
    Foundation - Pixi H2O Skintint (Cream)
    Dehydrating powders - Paese Bamboo Silk Powder

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    This foundation is also suitable for dry skin, but since it is a gel that sinks well into the skin, it is also great for oily skin as it does not make the skin shiny at all. In my last post about this, I had mineral foundation, and it's great too!

    On the other half of the face I have used gloMinerals LUXE series, so those products are very good but adapted for normal / dry / mature skin.


    Already after 30 minutes you could see the difference, the half with degrading make-up I still look freshly made-up on, while the other half is already starting to get a little oily.



    And after four hours, the halves looked like this!

    IMG_7843_111 IMG_7853_111

    A little difference huh? ;)



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    After seven hours, the page with degrading makeup is a little greasy too, but that page is nothing compared to the page with regular makeup!

    On the side with regular make-up, which here was super oily, you can also see that the eyeliner smeared more on the eyelid. This is due to the oil, a waterproof eyeliner is not oil resistant :)

    I started by cleaning the whole face and applied the same day cream on both sides, so it is only thanks to the matte make-up that that side has stayed matte for so long.


    Really difference :)

    With degrading makeup, I still want to powder 1-2 times a day, but then I am as oily as I am without degrading makeup already after only 30 minutes, so it is an extreme difference.

    As oily as I am on the side with ordinary make-up, I get oily even when I have no make-up, and then the eyelids become so oily that it flows into the eyes and starts to sting like attan, haha.

    If you have any questions, as usual, just shout! :) ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Matting products are gold !!! I also have a combined t-zone so without matting primer and for my part oil-free foundation, I also get really oily! It simply does not help to just use the right custom skin care, you have to have the right products all the way.
      Thanks for a great blog Helena, has taught me to put on such beautiful eye makeup thanks to you :)

    2. I am really eager to try the primer, I have actually written it up on my list of future purchases :) But that is one thing I am thinking about. Is it if there is any point in using that bamboo powder if you run on powder foundation? And I do not get as oily as you, so I just need a little more degrading makeup.

    3. It would have been a bit interesting to see with the same foundation on both sides, to really see what the primer and powder do :) Or maybe you did in last year's post? Can not remember and is too lazy to check: P

      • Yes indeed, I have to do it! :) There will definitely be a difference, but possibly not as big a difference as it is precisely these three components together (primer, foundation, powder) that keep the skin matte. If you choose one of them for the other side, I do not think it will be exactly as oily, but I actually do not know, must test! :)

      • It adapts well to the skin tone, so it does not have to be exactly the same tone but choose depending on how light / dark you are. Unfortunately, the darkest shade is also quite light (the only negative with Pixi, no shades for darker skin tones). I use the lightest on myself now, and the darkest suits them with a warm skin tone, much like a person with my skin tone goes abroad for a week. And the medium shade is a good middle ground if you are neither pale nor a little in the warm brown direction. But as I said, they adapt quite well because they are not comprehensive :)

    4. wow! what a great post, fun to see the difference! I also have oily skin and experience such a big difference with the primer and powder you used, I use them in combination with. How to keep your eyelids from oiling. can I put the primer and powder there too? stings in my eyes also namely: - /

      • Absolutely! I use primer and powder all over my face, including the eyelids, and then if I want to put on more make-up, I also use eye shadow primer on top of it. The primer is great even when you are unmade, if you have problems with it stinging.

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