Deep cleansing face mask

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    I love face masks where you feel in the skin that something is happening, such a feeling that can not be described in words properly, you just feel that the skin works in some way, it kind of tingles a little :)

    One such face mask is Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask that I got home in a goodie bag a while ago. It both peels the skin and moisturizes it, which is perfect for both dry and oily skin!


    The mask is a transparent gel that smells wonderfully good and fruity, and it is precisely fruit enzymes in the mask that help to exfoliate the skin. It removes dead skin cells and impurities and cleanses deeply!

    I have used the mask a few times now and as I said it is really nice to use. You have it for about 10-15 minutes, I usually have it until I feel that the skin no longer "works", and then you rinse it off with water.

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    The skin is very smooth afterwards, and above all so feels the pure which I love! Everyone needs moisture, but I who have both oily and sensitive skin usually vary with both deep cleansing face masks and very moisturizing. And this is definitely a good cleaning.

    In terms of appearance, I do not notice any difference on the skin, I do not see that the pores look cleaner for example, but I really feel that the skin becomes clean! Squeaky clean as Grandma usually says, you know when it squeaks on the skin when you pull your finger on it? :)


    What I do not like, however, is the packaging. It's like sample bags, which is just messy in the long run!

    In addition, a package is probably enough for 2-3 times, and IF you manage to save it but are not completely careful about plastering it, then the mask will both dry and grow bacteria. But I would not even think about saving and fussing so, I throw expensive face mask after each use instead. Incredible pity!


    I got the goodie bag at an event with The You Way, but I do not find the mask on their webshop strangely enough, but sells it (though not the same packaging, they have probably changed their appearance, because it is called exactly the same) and there, a box with 6 treatments costs SEK 345!

    In other words - A luxurious and good face mask that I could have put the expensive money on, if the packaging had not been so lousy.


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