Different mascara brushes (6 different variants)

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    I am often asked which mascara / mascara brushes are best, and that question can not be answered exactly as it depends on what your own lashes look like and also what you want for results.

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    There are thousands of different mascaras, the "mascara cream" itself has different kinds of formula, but what makes the biggest difference is usually the mascara brush!

    Therefore, I thought I would now have a little basic overview of what the different mascara brushes have for effects and which eyelashes they fit :)

    (I have made my own small clipboard with different shapes, using pictures I have invented Google)

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    different mascara brushes


    1. Straight mascara brush - All lashes

    The classic straight mascara brush is a good brush if you are unsure which one to have. It is namely easy to use and fits most eyelashes as it both reaches the shorter lashes and gives length and volume thanks to the fact that it gets quite a lot of mascara cream at once.

    2. Curved mascara brush - Straight lashes

    The curved mascara brush is for bending the eyelashes and fits them with very straight eyelashes. I can also recommend a waterproof mascara if you have straight lashes, it has a lighter formula and makes the lashes stay curled all day.

    However, you who already have very curved lashes can get for  bent with this shape, and then you easily get mascara dots on the eyelid.

    Thick mascara brush - Long lashes

    A thick mascara brush gives a lot of volume to the eyelashes, and since it gets a lot of mascara cream, it is great if you want an intense and "dramatic" look. However, it does not work very well for short, straight and thin eyelashes, as it easily weighs them down, you should have quite long and thick eyelashes already.

    4. Rubber brush - All lashes

    Rubber brushes are like that most often  fits my lashes best. They separate well because the spikes are a little harder and more "determined" than, for example, the straight brush which only consists of lots of straw everywhere. But since the rubber is still quite soft and flexible, you still get volume and length. In addition, it does not absorb as much mascara cream at once, so you can work your way to volume and length while the lashes are still separated. It is rare to get mascara lumps with a good rubber brush.

    A rubber brush fits all lashes a bit depending on the size, a thick rubber brush is better for long lashes while a narrow one is better for short ones.

    5. Tapered brush - Short eyelashes

    If you have short eyelashes, you want length and volume so that they do not look so short, at the same time as you need a brush that reaches all short strands. Then a tapered shape is perfect, ie thicker at the edge and narrower at the top. Then you reach all the straws, even closest to the corner of the eye, while the slightly thicker outer part gives more length.

    6. Comb brush - Short & thin eyelashes

    A flat comb brush made of plastic is good if you want to separate the eyelashes, it gives a very natural result if you just apply a quick layer, but you can also work out more length if you work more with the mascara. A comb brush with spikes that sit very tightly gives more length and volume.

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    There are many more brushes than these, and in addition, the ones I have written about can also be combined with each other, for example a curved comb brush. But now you know at least what basic properties you should look for!

    • Separated and natural lashes - choose shape no. 6, comb brush.
    • Long dramatic lashes with a lot of volume - choose shape no. 3, thick mascara brush.
    • Both volume and separated lashes - choose shape 4, rubber brush.

    Hope the post was helpful! :)

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    1. Hey! Do you have any tips on mascaras with a straight comb brush? Preferably not for more than SEK 200. Have never seen this type before.

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