djv beautenizer - Fiberwig LX & Fiberwig volume lash

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    The Fiberwig mascara that I wrote about earlier, has come in two new improved versions. And the brand is now called djv beautenizer.

    Fiberwig's mascaras encapsulate each lash in a high-fiber membrane. Both smudge-free and rub-proof, and easily washed off with lukewarm water (you do not need make-up removal at all!)

    Advantages of the new version:
    • Contains twice as much elongated fiber.
    • Contains caring oils that keep lashes healthy and elastic.
    • Has a curved brush to facilitate application.

    I do not notice any major difference on the previous one Fiberwig and the new version Fiberwig LX. However, I like the Fiberwig LX's brush much, much better!

    However, I notice big difference on the second version, Fiberwig Volume Lash which should give more volume, and it really does!

    This is how my lashes became with it older version of Fiberwig.
    New Fiberwig LX.
    No major difference as I said, except the application!
    New Fiberwig Volume Lash.
    But check in the volume here !!!
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    I think both mascaras are great, but if I had to choose one I would choose Fiberwig LX.

    Gets extremely good volume with Fiberwig Volume Lash, but in everyday life I probably choose a little more discrete and separated lashes. The result was not at all messy with the Volume mascara, but you have to work a little more to make the lashes look good.

    But if you can treat yourself, I of course recommend both the mascaras in the make-up bag, one for everyday and one for party :)

    Fiberwig Volume Lash is also winner of the best lash fixers in the Tara Beauty Awards 2011 with the motivation:

    “A few strokes with the cone-shaped brush give lashes with a nice separation and fantastic volume. In addition, the lashes are cleaned with only warm water. Love at first sight!"

    (Both mascaras are available for purchase

    Not entirely wrong! :)
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