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I very rarely have dry skin, so I have gained most of the experience in that area thanks to the fact that I have made up others with dry skin.

Therefore, a lot of posts have been written about oily skin here in the blog as these are products I have easy to put to the test, but just foundation choice is very important when you have dry skin, so I thought I would address that in a post now !


This big difference can be due to foundation. The pictures were taken on the exact same day but with different foundations. Continue reading for more info :)

When I was abroad I became very dry in the face, not so that I visibly flaking as when you have burned yourself (I had spf 50 every day during the whole trip) but more that I was very dry and tight in the face. I guess it's because the sun dries out the skin so much and I'm very bad at drinking water.

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Anyway, I can therefore show you what I have written many times, that I recommend mineral foundation for dry skin! Many advocate avoiding dry products if you have dry skin, "dry does not stick to dry and the skin flakes are highlighted". This is only partially true - yes you have to moisturize the skin properly to get mineral foundation to be good, but no it does not emphasize skin flakes but it often applies to powder foundations which are not mineral foundations. Do you agree with the difference?

And a liquid / creamy foundation can actually become more uneven around skin flakes and emphasize them more (absolutely does not apply to everyone!). But a good mineral foundation does not get dry on the skin, it blends in well both in pores, wrinkles and around skin flakes. And I discovered that very well after the trip abroad!

Unmade and with mineral powder, I did not even think that I was dry, and with a cream foundation I looked like this:


(Yes I am aware that the color is too light, I would only review Youngblood's cream foundation which should be perfect for normal to dry skin, but it did not go in terms of color or skin)

I washed it off and applied Yag minerals mineral foundation instead, and got this result:


Difference huh! :)

The good thing about creamy / liquid foundations for dry skin is that they often contain very caring ingredients, so if you find one that is good, it's great! What you should invest in is probably mainly dependent on taste - that is, what you like to work with. But if you are unsure and do not have the strength to test yourself, I recommend a good mineral powder and use day cream, face primer and face mist that contains plenty of moisture!

My dry period is starting to pass but these days I have used the day cream Sanctum Moisture Concentrate, primern Paese Make Up Base Smoothing before foundation, and face mist Sanctum Tone & Refresh Mist right after I put on my make-up and sometimes even during the day. Then the skin gets plenty of moisture and the makeup looks really nice :)

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Hope the post was helpful!

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Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


  1. Thank you so much for making this post! Now I have some hope that my makeup can get better.
    Experiencing that my skin looks EXACTLY like in your first picture when I have makeup and have gone crazy on all the thousand primers I tested, not to mention the money spent on all these .. but it still looks the same.

    Right now I use foundation from NYX that I got help to test in store, but how do you find the right shade in other brands, such as the mineral powder you use?

    • Hi Sofie! What fun that the post was helpful !! Choosing a foundation shade online is never 100% safe because even if there are good pictures, the color setting can differ on different screens, etc. So to be completely on the safe side, you need to go to a store.

      But if you do not have a very unusual skin tone (?), It is usually not very difficult online either as long as it is a foundation that has many shades to choose from and good pictures. I myself e.g. know that I am never as light as the lightest but also not very warm so I choose the shades in between.

      I am currently using the mineral foundation glo Pressed Base (available in my web shop https://creativemakeup.se/butik/smink/glominerals-pressed-base/) which is available in 20 shades that are clearly divided into categories based on undertone and how light / dark. If you live in Uppsala, you can visit the store and get help, but if you are going to buy this online, there are swatch pictures and info about all the shades that will help you choose the right one :)

  2. Hi fine helena !!! what an inspiring blog wow !!!
    Thought to ask a question about cosmetic tattoo, do you have any experience of perfectbeautey sweden.
    just eyebrow tattoo in 3d? want so much but do not know if I dare….
    mvh one who barely has eyebrows

    • Hello and thank you very much! How sweet of you!! :)

      I have no experience at all of them, the only thing I know is what I can see on their facebook page where they have a lot of pictures. But if I understand correctly, are there several different people who work with cosmetic tattoos there? I think that some tattoos are nice and well-shaped, while some get a little too "dashed" in my opinion. But they seem absolutely serious!

      Where do you live? I have tattooed myself with Annika at Creative Make Up in Uppsala and seen many of her tattoos, so Annika is the only one I can recommend to 100%! :) Hug hug!

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