Ellos launches make-up collection

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    Ellos, as most of you already know, is best known for fashion and interior design, but has also been a retailer of beauty products and makeup for a long time. But now they are not only retailers for other brands anymore but came out last week with their very own beauty collection Beauty By Ellos!

    I received a press release on a lot of the new products earlier this week, and they also emailed and said that more are on the way, so I thought I would start by showing some of the makeup I got home :)

    I have not had time to test everything super carefully, but you can take part in my first impression! What I fell for first are their five eyeshadow palettes with four shadows in each:


    Three earthy palettes in beige to brown where you can choose whether you want cold, warm or shimmery shades. And a white-black palette for smokey eyes, and one in gloomy purple tones as well. Very useful palettes for most people :)

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    I have not made up with them but I have tested a little on the hands and they seem rich in pigment and easy to work with. Good to do a sweep with the darkest shade in Smokey Plum today, but think I have done so many such sweets lately so you might want me to vary a bit instead?

    Great palettes anyway, and they only cost 99 kroner each!


    The lip gloss is available in 12 shades and there are both matte and shimmery colors. They contain argan oil (which I love) and are completely fragrance free as well. They are semi-opaque and give the lips a little color without becoming completely opaque like a lipstick becomes.

    On the lips, they feel beautiful, neither sticky nor sticky. I who am very sensitive to creamy textures on the lips and have to use very, very soft lip gloss to not want to dry it, I am not completely 100% on the texture but can not really explain why. It is not sticky, but a bit type, synthetic, can you say that? Do not think that the amount of argan oil is super large in any case, but have not checked that thing :)

    But I think many of you will like them, and for the price 49: - I must say that they are affordable and good!


    And for a nice frame for the eyes, they have also launched eyeliner pencils in these five colors - check out the green Petroleum Green, so nice!

    The pens are very creamy when applied, but are then fixed and become waterproof and durable, and should also sit all day along the waterline. I have not tested this myself yet, but when I was going to wash them off my hand, I felt that they sat very well. It will be exciting to test :)

    The pens also cost only SEK 49!

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    Summary - My first impression of the products is that they are very good, no superwow but at the same time the price is so low that it changes the whole view of the products. If I were to compare these with other products in the same price range, they are probably more wow-level :) But as I said, I have not tested everything to 100% yet, will return with clearer reviews a little later!

    You will find products HERE!*

    Hugs are ♥


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