Business development with the staff!

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    Hello wonderful you!

    This is the last week with "staff shortages", we have been short on staff all spring and not least now during the holidays. But from Thursday onwards, Zahra and Ida both go up in time to 75%, plus we have another makeup artist named Lisa who will work every Saturday. So I will soon be able to work as it has been intended all along - a little more "behind the scenes" with blog, webshop and business. And then it will say bang with posts here in the blog too! It has been going at a bit half speed lately but it is only temporary, this autumn / winter the croft will be in order again :)

    And with that inspiration bubbling inside me, I now thought to show some pictures from last Friday! We had namely completely closed at the salon when the whole team went to Odalgården for business development!


    Here you see nice Annika at Odalgården - the world's most wonderful conference / hotel / relax place right by a lake on the outskirts of Uppsala. As we loved the place!

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    I have mentioned before that me, Miska and Annika go on business development with Peragenda regularly since March. We have partly become more trained in business / management, but above all we set our first goal (which should be achieved in June 2017), made a proper and clear work structure (both in terms of communication and working methods) and now we presented it all to the staff, and went through our next focus on what we should work on together more during the autumn and winter.

    So fun to finally be able to share everything with the whole staff! And also get to hear their thoughts and response to everything. Wonderfully! No matter how well I, Miska and Annika work together, we will never be able to do everything without our awesome staff :)


    Everyone got a personal notebook to write in, with quotes that Annika selected for everyone. On mine it says "We do not meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason."That's exactly how I feel about both Miska and Annika as well!


    Here are Ida and Alex who have been given a task by us, which in the end shows how important it is with communication and how easy it is to misunderstand each other. We did not have any team-buiding games or cooperation exercises that are otherwise common on days like this, but it was hard work that had to do with our company all the time, and then we had a lot of free time where we could hang out and get to know each other. closer instead :)


    Me and Miska at lunch ♥


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    After lunch, the staff had a workshop, where they went through and worked with everything that we presented during the morning to see what points they agreed with / possibly did not agree with, and if they thought something was missing, etc. So helpful with their thoughts and opinions!

    And because they could chip in peace, we in the management had to stay away;)


    So we hung in the sun on the pier for so long! So the most beautiful place in the world!

    It felt almost a bit ugly to be free in the meantime, but with all the work and all the hours we put in for this day, we were actually 200% worth it :)


    I'm still tingling in my stomach after this day, a discharge that immediately made room for new ideas and energy!

    My best entrepreneurial tip for entrepreneurs is without a doubt to work together with positive people who see no limits, with smart brains, creativity and drive, you can reach as far as you like.

    Many had contented themselves with a 360 sqm salon in central Uppsala with 7 employees, but we have still only just started;)

    Wish you all a really great start to the new week! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. You kick staff here and there writing disgusting comments about your customers in journals, and get a bad reputation, everything is a facade that in the end does not hold.

      • Hey! Of course I want to answer your comment, but I can not take my criticism as it is very clear that you have only heard some kind of bullshit / rumor. We write absolutely no disgusting comments about our customers, we love our customers! We are also incredibly concerned about our staff, and our business development is part of that and absolutely no facade. Really sad that someone feels so bitter that he has to spread such. As for staff who no longer work with us, I can not comment on outsiders, which you probably understand. Have a nice Sunday evening!

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