Environmentally friendly makeup brushes

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    Finally I have these goodies in the webshop - 2 wonderful makeup brush sets from the American brand bra cosmetics!

    I thought I would start by telling you about one set that is environmentally friendly and contains 10 makeup brushes.

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    These makeup brushes are not only wonderfully soft and practical to work with, but also environmentally friendly with their natural and recycled materials!

    Straws the brushes are synthetic, so no animals have been harmed.
    The shaft are made of bamboo, which are naturally colored.
    The metals between the stem and the straws is recycled aluminum.
    The case which the brushes are in is made of linen fabric.

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    What I love most about the brushes is the variety in the set, I often think that a set contains many unnecessary brushes and so it ends up that you only use half of them in any case. But in this set, I really use them all! Perfect combo with fewer basic makeup brushes and more eye makeup brushes :)

    Or by the way, what I love MOST is that they are so incredibly wonderful to work with! They are really soft and smooth, without getting too "messy". In my opinion, make-up brushes must not be for soft because then they can not move around the pigments. But these are really soft and at the same time really practical and easy to work with.

    Then I also like the handles, the brushes are narrow and very light in the hand, just to my taste :)


    Powder brushes, pcut-down blush, foundation brushes.


    Oblique eye shadow brush, flat eyeliner brush, lapple


    Large eyeshadow brush, large fade brush, fade brush, eyeshadow brush.
    Maybe a little difficult to see the light peaks against the light background, wanted to take photos quickly to show you and do not have time to mess with the light so much :)

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    These make-up brushes are now available Byher.se, and costs SEK 299!

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