Eyebrow tattoo

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I have finally filled in my eyebrow tattoo which had almost completely faded away!

Annika on Creative Make Up is so incredibly good and thorough, you really feel that you are in safe hands :)

Now the eyebrows are very sharp and dark but they will be lighter when they have healed, here are the before and after pictures!

eyebrow tattoo-before-after

Surely they are crazy good looking now ?? : D

1. The first thing we did was apply a numbing cream so that it does not hurt to get a tattoo.
2. Annika drew the shape and we were satisfied almost immediately, they are wider than what we did last time!
3. When you start tattooing, you do a little on one eyebrow, apply more anesthetic and take the other for a while. So she jumps all the time and fills with anesthesia, the more she tattoos the less it feels because the anesthesia goes in where the needle has made a hole in the skin. After a while, it does not feel at all!
4. When you are done, the tattoo will be dark and sharp for approx. one week before it heals.

I will show the result again later when the tattoo has healed! :)


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Annika has developed her own hair technology that gives this natural result!

permanent-makeup-eyebrowsRight now they are so dark and sharp that it feels like a big bluff, haha. But I love the shape and size, it will be so nice when it has healed !!


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I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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  1. cough up, but it's certainly worth it. May well save up a penny and take me by the collar and order a time simply. Have written it before before, that if I only lived liiite closer I would have called you immediately, you are so heavenly good Helena! Just wanted to say it;) by the way has been in and cast my vote, so now we hope you take home all the "shit";)) hugs Tove

    • Thanks!! Yes, I understand that, but filling in is iaf only 1000 kronor ago, and it is in my opinion sooo worth it, so I can imagine how nice it is for people who even. hate to put on eyebrows :)

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