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    The other day I wrote a post about the eyeshadow brushes from bra cosmetics "Eco Friendly" makeup brush set, you will find the post here. There I explained in detail how I use the brushes and for what, and now I thought I would do the same with bra cosmetics' other make-up brush set as well, "Pink dots”Which is a super cute pink polka dot makeup brush set!

    The main difference between the different sets, purely practical, is that the Pink Dots brushes are more suitable for those who like soft but fairly compact brushes. While the Eco Friendly set has more brushes that are soft in the fluffy direction. What fits best is entirely a matter of taste!

    Sweet huh? The set contains 11 brushes, of which 7 are suitable for eye make-up. Costs SEK 399 on creativemakeup.se!

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    Here you see a good overview of the size of the different eyeshadow brushes.

    I use these brushes when I apply the eye shadow. All three are relatively flat.

    The brush on the left is perfect when applying eye shadow on the eyelid. It is not as flat as the others in the picture but a little fuller and softer. It absorbs a lot of eye shadow without dusting when you apply it on the eyelid. With this you can also fade the edges a little before you start to erase with a fluffier brush.

    The brush in the middle is a little smaller and also slanted, which makes it perfect when applying eye shadow on smaller areas, e.g. at the bottom of the eyelid where you want to access properly down to the corner of the eye.

    The brush on the right is completely straight and is superb both for sharp lines (eg for a sharp cat eye make-up) and for the lower lash line!

    These two are rounded and most fluffy of all eyeshadow brushes.

    The brush on the left is great when you want to fade out the eye shadows nicely so that you get soft and even fades.

    The brush on the right is much smaller and suitable for applying / fading the eye shadow in the corner of the eye and along the lower lash line. Or if you generally want to fade out an eye shadow in a very small area.

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    These brushes are the smallest and also the most compact. They are great for small areas such as lashes, eyebrows, lips, etc. Very useful!

    Hugs are! 

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