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    Peter Thomas Roth is a skin care brand with products for all skin types, but which is especially famous for its products for various problem areas such as acne, pigment spots and wrinkles. The company was founded in 1993 and is exactly as old as I am, if you are interested in that info;)

    I have tested Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio Repair Gel Mask which is a soothing, moisturizing and repairing face mask that suits all skin types but is specially developed for sensitive and mature skin. The product should also immediately make the skin firmer and visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines!


    Main Ingredients & Effects:

    Pale Rose Stem Cells - helps to repair the hydrolipid membrane. Rebuilds the skin. Makes the skin soft, comfortable
    Damas Rose Stem Cells (Damascus Rose)- contraction and cleansing.
    Rose Alba Stem cells - moisturizing and moisture retaining
    Rosa Damascena rose oil (Damascenerros) - distilled from damask rose
    Commiphora (Balsamodendrum) & Damas Rose Extract (Damascus Rose) - a duo of stem cells that are anti-inflammatory.
    Rose Hip Extract (Rosehip Rose) - Provides intense moisture to the skin.
    Desert Rose (Desert Rose) - Increases cell renewal. Rebuilds the intracellular matrix to restore the moisture balance.
    Rosa Canina Fruit Oil (Rosehip Oil) - Rich in vitamin A and vitamin C to soothe irritated skin
    Rose Centifolia Flower Water (Provinsros) - Provides moisture to the skin

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    The face mask costs about SEK 419 and is available at e.g. Skincity.se.

    face mask-mature-skin

    You can use it in two different ways, and I have tested both. Either use it as a regular mask - apply liberally to the face as it is and let it work for 10 minutes. Or you apply a thin layer and let it work overnight.

    I have tested it both at room temperature and cooled, and can really recommend cooling it down in the fridge before, it is so nice on the face when it is cold! Perfect in the morning when you are a little "fluffy" in the face!

    The face mask is a pink gel that smells mildly of roses, and it is really nice on the face and you can almost feel how it works! And then I do not mean that it sticks or is unpleasant in any way, but I felt in the skin that my face liked it. Now I may sound fuzzy, but you know for sure what I mean? :)

    When you have worn it, rinse it off with cold water. If you have a lot of face mask on your face and it has not dried yet (when you only have it for 10 minutes) it takes a while to rinse off, it is a bit slimy as well. But when I have slept with it, it has almost gone into the skin completely, so then I rinse just because I know it is there, but it is not visible!

    face mask-against-wrinkles


    The skin feels incredibly smooth afterwards, and I, who am often very red-flamed in the face as soon as I wash or generally poke in the face, I thought the skin looked very calm! The skin tone looked even and I was not red at all. Really wonderful!

    I do not immediately have any fine lines to see any results on, only two that I was born with but I think they sit there no matter what I use for skin care because it is not age wrinkles. But on the points that I can decide, I am very satisfied, so it is not completely impossible that it is good in all areas if you have those problems!

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    I have actually also tested it on my winter dry hands (I have been careless with the lubrication + hand washed all weekend. Ajja bajja) and they are so soft now and not a bit dry anymore, absolutely wonderful! I have only used it on my hands once, and then I slept with it overnight. It dries / goes into the skin quickly if you have a thin layer, so it was not sticky or difficult at all in bed.

    Two thumbs up I say!

    peter-thomas-roth-face mask

    The face mask looks completely transparent on the skin, but surely it's nice that it is so wonderfully pink in the jar? Perfect for us who do not have a bathroom cabinet but only a shelf where the products are visible!

    Have any of you tested products from Peter Thomas Roth? :)

    Hug, Helena Rönnblad

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