Face painting

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    Thought to offer some pictures from the fair so you can see what I have had for me Thursday-Saturday! :)


    Here is one of my very first paintings at the fair, Egyptian eyes became it!

    My sister sits in the background and creates magic on a guy who wanted to "look really awful and mean". He came and redoed his painting three times the same day! :)


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    Many cute children who became little glittery kittens! :)




    This beautiful bean has been partly painted by us, and partly painted itself. Wonderful man! :)


    We have made many hearts on the cheek!


    I'm doing a wild make-up…


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    … And here is the result! :)


    We have made some spider man too! I was a little sad that no one wanted to be a skull, that's my specialty;)


    This wonderful tingle loves red and got a red heart on one cheek and a red butterfly on the other!


    And when nice ladies came who wanted to feel extra nice, Malin and I got to collect our private better-on-the-day makeup from the handbags and spruce them up a bit. It was appreciated, I can say, they were so happy!


    I especially fell for this beauty who got some lips, blush, eyebrows and eyeliner with wing! :) Super nice!

    If you want to see more I-feel-good-pictures from the fair, you can check them out Facebook page!

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    I myself am currently on the bus on the way home from Stockholm, we will hear from you again soon! :) Maternity!

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