Fake it 'til you make it

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Here's the look of the day - a party make - up that really makes your eyes look a lot bigger. I like it!


I'm going to work as a dressmaker at TIGER's show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tonight, and I'm going to wear zebra bras, a pink sweater and a longer black jacket.

I see it as if the clothes "pull down" the party feeling when you work, while the make-up then "pulls up" the feeling at the after-party so I don't have to bring change with me :) Thoughtful bride here.

And because I wanted a make-up that fits the zebra pants, I chose to play with contrasts between light and black eye shadow!

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The sharp edge is created using two pieces of tape.

Of course you can do it with a steady hand or a type of business card, but who can handle when it can be this smooth :)

The light eye shadow is Annika's Favorite Shadow.
The black eye shadow is gloMinerals Eye Shadow (Sable)

1. Light shade on the entire eyelid.
2. Black eye shadow at the end of the lower lash line and along the piece of tape as far out as you want the shading.
3. Black eye shadow along the globe line so that you form a>
4. Blur the edges
5. Fill in the globe line with one black eyeliner for a more marked transition, Peggy Sage Pen (Black)
6. Blur and add more black eye shadow so that the eyeliner line is not visible.
7. Remove the tape.
8. Fill with eyeliner along the lower lash line.
9. Finish with black mascara on all lashes, Peggy Sage Dreamy Cils Mascara.

There will be unmade-up lips tonight, so you do not happen to smear any model.

But here I have Pure Minerals good looking Gloss Stick (Raisin Rum)

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Wish you a super nice evening!

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