Favorite in replay - Halloween year

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    I have no step by step on this old treat from last year, but think it was so successful that I have to publish it again.

    This fake year proves that you do not have to be good at makeup or even the slightest bit interested in succeeding with a Halloween make-up. These are Miska's very first wounds, which he did in a few minutes as soon as I got the effect make-up home.

    He has really gotten to the colors all around, so that it kind of looks like the bloody burns!

    The problem with me is that I am too pedantic, and wounds are really not "nice" if you say so. I like symmetry and nice lines, and with wound make-up you really must not be too careful.

    So just because you do not feel good, you do not have to worry, drive on ba! Test is forthcoming! :)

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    There was a bit of blood at first, but when he dried it off a bit, it looked really real!

    Poor darling…

    Surely it looks disgusting?

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