Favorite dry shampoo

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    The day before yesterday when I wrote about Amika's dry shampoo (which is a good dry shampoo for you who want a light dry shampoo that does not feel on the scalp) I was asked which dry shampoo is my personal favorite, so I thought I would share it now !

    The properties I am looking for in a dry shampoo are:
    * Effective even when I have very oily scalp
    * Do not make the hair grayish
    * Give your hair a nice volume
    * Be good for my sensitive scalp that easily starts itching from dry shampoo
    * Have a good but mild scent

    And the dry shampoo that meets all these requirements is crazy Bangerhead Fresh Me Up which is a dry shampoo with goji berries that care for the skin and hair.

    First of all, the oily parts disappear quickly after spraying and rubbing with the fingers, in addition, it is quite light in the hair and not as heavy and very powdery as other dry shampoos can often be. It smells good (quite discreetly) and gives nice volume!

    In addition, the hair stays dull for quite a long time as well, I do not need to improve every day, it is enough with every other, and if I possibly use it two days in a row, very little is needed.

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    fresh-me-up bangerhead dry shampoo


    A 200 ml bottle costs SEK 129, and Bangerhead also has one offer with two for 199 kronor so then they cost 100 kronor each!

    Two thumbs up! :)

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