Small curls in the hair (Step by step with pictures)

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    "Hello. Nice make-up! But what you do is always nice.
    I have a question that has nothing to do with the post that I would like to know how you succeed with your very nice little curls in your hair. Can't post about it? There are certainly many of us who want to know. Know that you've had it sometime long ago but will not find it again. Hugs to you :) ”

    I get very frequent questions about my curls, great fun! I have made a detailed post about it before, but because I get so many questions so
    I thought I could simply publish it again :)

    My curls are small wave curls, and I think they are very reminiscent of Shakira's curls, it looks so natural if you do it a little carelessly.

    Curls like this always look best after a few hours, I think, when they have settled a little more, then you get a little more "nice sloppy" look, a little more like Shakira!

    My pictures were taken right after I finished, but they will look their best tonight. And the best part is that they usually hold up damn well too, so they will surely look good for several days :)

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    small-curling iron

    The curling iron I have used to get such small and nice curls, it is a very small curling iron - HH Simonsen Go Mini Beach Waver available HERE and costs SEK 599.

    However, I do not recommend using it too often, as it is not possible to regulate the heat, it is always dot 200 degrees, which is actually too hot for the hair. So do not forget heat protection spray! But I have used it many times and it has worked well :)

    settings-curling iron-copy

    The only setting is on or off.


    1. Spray the hair with heat protection, I love Living Proof Instant Protection which protects the hair up to 232 degrees.

    2. Divide the hair into lower and upper hair. Or even more divided if you have thick hair.

    3. Start curling the lashes, I usually start in the back of my head and work my way forward, I think that's easiest!

    4. Once you have reached the upper hair, put the hair in a leg like you not want. Do you want e.g. have oblique legs so do a middle leg.

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    Here you see why you should not attract in the legs that you want later, haha.

    5. Transfer some hair from one side to the other so that the curls look good even in the legs.

    6. Pull the hair apart so that it is no longer divided into loops, and ruffle it a little! I usually headbang a few times, then it usually settles nicely without getting fresh.

    hair spray curls

    7. Spray with hair spray on the entire hairstyle. I like GHD Style Final Fix Spray*! It gets quite hard in the hair if you take a lot, but it makes the curls hold up just fine :)

    curly hair

    And then it's done!

    And as I said, here the curls are completely freshly made, but they will only get nicer and nicer, just puff up the volume and spray dry shampoo when needed. And if it becomes a felt, e.g. when you sleep, you have to sort it out but your fingers, it does not look good if you brush through it.


    This is what it looks like from behind!

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    curly-hair imageTried to make a cool movement picture but I succeeded like that (as usual) haha :)

    Here are a bunch of curly looks from the past:

    Small curls in the hair (Step by step with pictures)

    If you have any questions, just shout! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey! Do you have any good tips on product - is naturally blonde with gray elements but wants the red color of the hair that you show in a picture.
      Please, Ewa

      • Hey! I dyed so with regular hair color first (at the hairdresser) with dark red at the bottom and lighter cups at the lengths. Then I probably used a copper hair wrap every hair wash. But you probably have to use regular hair color first because you have more / less completely untreated hair. Just to let you know if you have more questions :)

    2. I have this! Tried once myself and it turned out to be half-hearted hehe .. How long do you stay still before moving on? Tips on how to do this on yourself as effectively as possible? How long does it take you to arrange all your hair? :)

      • I keep still a little different depending on what kind of curls I want, the longer you hold the clearer the curls and also they become more durable. Then maybe I hold for 10-15 seconds? Hard to have a sense of time haha. But the whole hair usually takes about 40 minutes. To last a long time is good if you are not to be ready immediately after, then they will look best after a few hours and you can also keep them for 1-2 days afterwards. But if you are going away immediately, I recommend keeping a little shorter so you get that sloppily good-looking look right away.

        I start in the back of the head, which is a bit complicated, I pull the lower hair in the back forward and curl from the side, but further up on the back of the head I usually curl by looking in two mirrors so that you can see the head from behind. Then I do the sides of the hair, starting in the under hair and working my way up.

        In other words, if you want durable curls, keep the curling iron longer in your hair and attract smaller curls, but if you want to do it faster and look good straight away, you can take larger curls and last shorter!

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