Favorite in replay - Contouring of the breasts!

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    Now before New Year's Eve, I thought I would publish a favorite in replay, many will be glamorously dressed up on New Year's Eve and may want to highlight the tits a little extra :) It is very easily done with contouring and becomes natural in fact!

    Even if you do not want bigger breasts, I think this is nice to do a little if you have an outfit with a lot of neckline. If nothing else it is very fun :)

    When I was younger I did not do like all the other teenagers who stuffed their bras with paper, I overused sun powder to emphasize the well instead haha. Completely unaware that I was ahead of my time with contouring! However, I used a shimmery bronzer in a very warm tone so it did not become so supernatural haha.

    Yes but you see what bombs;)

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    I have also done contouring on the collarbones, you really do not need to do it but I think it will be more natural if there are similar shades and colors all over the décolleté and not just around the breasts.

    I have used Pixi Book of Beauty Contour Creator which I always use for the face as well.

    This can be such a big difference :)

    Even out the skin tone with foundation, I have used gloMinerals Pressed Base. It is easier with mineral foundation in the décolleté than liquid, I think, more quickly applied and you do not need to fix with powder.

    Highlight the shape of the breasts and below + over the collarbones with a darker shade than the skin tone.

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    Soften the edges with a larger brush, and apply more of the darker powder on the sides of the décolleté, so that the color blends in better with the skin tone. If there are sharp lines, it will not look natural, it is important that it is soft and discreet.

    Use a small brush and apply the palette's lightest shade in the middle of the collarbones and breasts.

    And then they sit there, round and full;)

    I have boobs!

    There is so much fun you can do with makeup haha :)

    Hugs are!

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