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    "Hello! I am a 16-year-old girl who will start high school this autumn. I have problem skin and have had pimples since I was about four and it is mostly on the cheeks but also on the forehead and chin. My skin becomes very easily both dry and oily and can also become a little red on the cheeks.
    My friends have been lucky and I am the only one in our group who has pimples. I feel very bad about it and have tested several foundations and am currently using "Fit Me." I was just wondering if you could try to help an insecure girl and find a suitable foundation that does not make my face brown but looks natural but also covers? Love your blog, hugs! ”

    NOTE! The post is old and the products are no longer available for purchase, I recommend you to visit one of my other posts instead, "Reduce redness on the face”, ”Cover scarlet pimple"And"Cover pimples without makeup all over the face


    I have received a lot of questions about just foundation for acne / problem skin lately, so I thought I would address this in a post :)

    Acne-prone skin is very sensitive to external influences, all skin care and makeup products we use, how we live, what we eat and so on, make a very big difference. And even though there are thousands of different tricks, we can not always get rid of the pimples, but we can always do our best to cover them.

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    The important thing when covering pimples is of course not to aggravate the condition. Products with oil that clog the pores go away immediately, but because an acne complexion is so sensitive to everything, there are sometimes also "good" substances that can irritate and create more pimples.

    Therefore, I recommend makeup with as few additives as possible, then there are fewer things that the skin could react to!

    Mineral makeup is one such product that often contains few substances. But sometimes they also have a sky-long table of contents with various additives, so always check the table of contents first. Nudh mineral is, however, mineral makeup that is completely without additives - basically mashed mineral stones! :) (Except for the mascara and lip gloss which have creamy textures.)


    Mineral stones that nudh mineral is made of.

    What is also good about mineral makeup in powder form is that it absorbs moisture, and we with pimples are also often very oily in the skin (even though we can be dry at the same time) and a powder foundation stays matte longer. And yet the dry areas are not emphasized, I often think that you see dry skin flakes more with a liquid foundation.

    In addition, mineral makeup is very light on the skin, it does not disturb, does not clog pores or trouble in any other way - while still providing good coverage! You can often add a little extra to your problem areas even without the make-up looking uneven.

    The sum of the cardamom is simply that it is thanks to all these points that I like nudh minerals mineral makeup so much, the dry products are heeelt without additives, it covers well (you get the best coverage by supplementing with their concealers) and gives a natural result with a lot of luster!

    nudh mineral basic makeup before after

    Nudh mineral is on, where you can also buy sample bags to find the perfect shade before buying a whole jar.

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    NOTE I do not write this post based on what I have read or heard, but I speak from experience. I had a lot of pimples in my teens (really big blemishes even there in the beginning) and I have learned by mistake and by testing myself and see what works. Sometimes you do not understand why a product does not work well with the skin "it should be good for people with acne" but what the skin likes and dislikes is often individual and difficult to know in advance, you have to test yourself and by checking the amount of ingredients on the table of contents, I often managed to find suitable products for me.

    Hope I have helped more who are wondering about this! I take the opportunity to paste two reviews I have received on nudh minerals foundation, which proves that it is good for sensitive skin (which then also applies to acne as I explained in the post)

    review nudh mineral foundation

    Hope the post about foundation for problem skin was helpful! Feel free to write a comment! :)

    Hugs are!

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